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TOUCH DISPLAYS 140 LG's touch technology delivers exceptionally accurate touches, swipes and gestures without ghosting. Competitor's Ghosting No Ghosting LG - No external touch overlay. - Dust preventing mechanism between touch frame and glass helps ensure high reliability. - Slimmer design is ideal for places where space is at a premium. Can be used in various high-traffic locations such as subways and exhibition halls for interactive way-finding and informational purposes with our improved 10-points touch monitors. PRECISE MULTI-TOUCH EXPERIENCE HIGHLY RELIABLE TOUCH BETTER MULTI-TOUCH EXPERIENCE About LG Commercial Displays LG commercial display products offer comprehensive technology solutions tailored to your business needs. Our broad range of digital signage products offer you a "best in class" solution whatever your application. LG Commercial Grade TVs - LG excels in bringing innovative technology advancements to market with our award winning 1080P LED displays and 4K Ultra HD monitors. As an industry leading manufacturer, LG has a team of design and engineering experts creating "best in class" display products for a wide variety of vertical solutions. LG's commercial sales and support team is committed to making sure that the distribution and service of our products satisfies your ever changing business needs. MULTI-TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY

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