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TOUCH DISPLAYS 142 LG proprietary touch technology can draw clean and accurate diagonal lines through controlling multi-touch gestures in great precision. Clean multi-touch experience with IR Spread is based on our in-house IR-Spread technology which provides better accuracy compared to conventional IR matrix. Competitor's Ghosting No Ghosting LG It provides a more realistic interactive sense with ten simultaneous touches. PRECISE MULTI-TOUCH EXPERIENCE BETTER MULTI-TOUCH EXPERIENCE ADD INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCES TO DIGITAL SCREEENS INPUTS/OUTPUTS: Screen Size 55" Class Touch Resolution 1428 x 803 Overlay Dimension 49.8" W x 29.1" H x 0.9" D Scan Time 9 ~ 15ms Weight 21.4Ibs Accuracy 1mm Power Consumption 1.31W Bezel Width 27.0mm Orientation Landscape & Portrait MULTI Touch Point Max 10 Point Compatible Products 55SE3B, 55SM5B, 55SE3KB, 55SM5KB, 55SM3B, 55SL5B SPECIFICATIONS: 32" Overlay Touch Displays Overlay Touch KT-T Series is an attachable touch screen that easily changes standard signage products into touch products. With Overlay Touch, your screen will turn into interactive display which enables smooth writing and drawing experience with ten-point multi-touch function. This interactivity will bring a new experience into your places such as schools, companies, shops and etc. Multi-touch function is added on the existing display with the sleek and clean looking. KT-T320 USB

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