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TOUCH DISPLAYS 160 MagicIWB I2 Software (Optional) Enjoy full collaboration with colleagues, clients or trainees. This optional advanced e-Board solution can be added as easily as adding a Samsung plug-in module. Add a home menu that serves as a central hub for all your information. Handwriting recognition converts writing into text, which can then be easily shared. And Quick Memo facilitates collaboration by allowing users to post comments to presentations and share notes on their wireless devices. Instant Collaboration, No Learning Curve Required KEY FEATURES All-In-One Solution Start sharing right out of the box. Samsung e-Board solutions are a complete solution, offering a large Full HD touch screen display, integrated CPU and embedded interactivity software. No PC required means greater portability and flexibility. No PC, Embedded Quad-Core CPU Powered by a system-on-chip semiconductor and 1GHz quad-core CPU, and featuring 8GB of storage, Samsung DME-BR e-Boards reduce TCO by providing savings in hardware, installation and operating costs. Large, Easily Readable Displays With sizes of 65", 75" and 82", thoughts and discussions include people in the back of the room. Combined with Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 and contrast ratio of 5000:1 (4000:1 on DM65E-BR), concepts and ideas will be clear and sharp. Built-In Wi-Fi Enjoy the advantages of expanded connectivity to mobile devices and simple mirroring of content on a tablet to the display. New Levels of Interactivity The DME-BR e-Boards feature IR touch functionality, for up to 10 touch points and two drawing points. The large format and natural writing experience make them ideal solutions for meetings and collaborative work environments. Use the included dummy pen or use hand gestures to navigate content, flick floating menus aside, share screens and capture the interest of your collaborators.

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