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About Panasonic Canada Inc.

Panasonic Canada Inc. traces its origins back to 1918, when Japanese industrialist Konosuke Matsushita started a small business, manufacturing home electric products in Osaka, Japan. By inventing a simple, yet profoundly important two-socket light fixture, Konosuke's breakthrough led to the development of one of the world's largest electronics companies, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Now, under the Panasonic brand and its slogan, "ideas for life," Panasonic provides a wide range of products, from Audio Video and information/communication equipment to home appliances and components. As one of the largest electronic companies in the world today, we endeavor to become a "Customer Value Creation Company" that provides safety, security, comfort, and convenience in line with our vision of contributing to a ubiquitous networking society and co- existing with the global environment. Panasonic Canada Inc., a subsidiary of Panasonic North America, is a leading supplier of electronic equipment to both commercial and consumer markets in the nation. With offices across Canada, the brand name Panasonic has become a permanent fixture in Canadian homes and businesses. In addition, Panasonic products may be found in many "unexpected" places in our everyday lives, such as the front counters of fast food restaurants or the batteries in your remote control. On any given evening, if you are watching national or local television programming, you are likely witnessing Panasonic broadcast cameras and recording equipment in action. Industrial and Commercial Division Panasonic provides components and design solutions to leading manufacturers in many industries ranging from consumer electronics and telecommunications to computer parts, appliance equipment, and battery components. Our industrial and commercial product line includes ventilation fans, cordless power tools, compact fluorescent lamps, single- use and rechargeable batteries, motors, passive components and semiconductors, meeting your specific design needs, wherever you manufacture in the world.


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