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TOUCH DISPLAYS 168 Tool Factory is a leader in innovative educational technology solutions. Tool Factory's mission is to improve US education by providing superior educational software, hardware, staff development options, and an impressive lineup of special education products. The extensive online catalog offers a host of resources to reinvigorate any learning environment. Teachers, students, and parents join the Tool Factory staff in testing products to ensure that they are easy to navigate, fun to use, and beneficial to the learning process. Excellent for early learners, the Early Learning Bundle builds a great understanding of letters, numbers, sounds, and everyday things. Students will be hooked in an instant with the fun and interactive activities this bundle offers. Flobot Matching Skills Tool Factory Beep Monkeys, Ducks and Frogs Stripy Tiger & Spotty Shark's Picture Box Sound Beginnings Making Sounds Science Express: Life Processes ABC CD 123 CD Early Learning Bundle Item #10652 Gold Star Warranties will Never Leave You Stranded! TAP2-10000C MSRP- $999 2 Year TAPit Warranty Prepaid Shipping (Under $10,000 from Commercial Environment) 2 Year Extended Warranty O Warranty Details: CPS TAPit contract to cover TMC TAPit Mobile Cart Contract can be sold within 2 years 6 months of the original product's date of purchase Contract starts on the expiration of the 3 year manufacturer warranty Contract includes prepaid shipping to and from the authorized service center at time of claim Contract covers internal hardware failure, and is a direct extension of the original manufacturer's warranty (minus standard exclusions) Warranty Exclusions: Physical Damage Cosmetic Damage User Induced Damage Software Loss/Theft Accessories Negligence Power Surges Acts of God 800.398.5652 x682 310.499.3557

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