Big Book OF AV Page 172 Outdoor Displays and Kiosks

OUTDOOR DISPLAYS AND KIOSKS 172 At Peerless-AV, we consider a "solution" to be more than the product itself. A true solution encompasses how the product is made, how it gets to you and the service you receive. We devote care and attention to every element of our AV solutions so we can fulfill the sum total of your needs. For proof of this commitment to complete solutions, look no further than the lasting relationships we've built with our customers-distributors, resellers, integrators and end users alike. People choose to do business with us not only for the quality of our products but also because we've proven to be a valuable partner, making their jobs easier through every step of the process. Fully-Sealed TVs and Displays Enter a new world of outdoor, any-environment TVs and displays with Peerless-AV fully-sealed technology. From gorgeous, High Definition home outdoor viewing, to the most robust all- weather, harsh environment professional digital signage, Peerless-AV fully-sealed televisions will change the way you view things. Unparalleled People, Process and Products Fully sealed Xtreme professional flat panel displays have no vents, filters or fans, providing the highest levels of environmental protection possible because nothing can get in or out of the display. Instead of packaging a screen into an expensive enclosure that still requires openings to the outside, Peerless-AV Xtreme displays provide true waterproof displays with no openings. The numbers do not lie. Only Peerless-AV's patented fully- sealed display design has achieved an IP68 and NEMA 6 rating. Peerless-AV's Xtreme display is the ideal solution for extreme outdoor and harsh inside environments where ordinary outdoor displays just can't measure up. Peerless-AV Xtreme displays are engineered for durability and performance, with impact resistant safety glass, a Full HD 1080p picture and more. Outside Entertainment Made Easy Embrace the freedom of taking entertainment to new locations. Peerless-AV UltraView TVs provide an elegant true outdoor TV solution. Instead of packaging TVs into expensive enclosures that still require openings to the outside environment, Peerless-AV has created a new class of Flat Panel that creates a true outdoor TV. With a fully-sealed design, there are no vents, fans or filters to the outside that can expose the internal components to the elements, insects or even a spilled drink.

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