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OUTDOOR DISPLAYS AND KIOSKS 178 Apollo Dust Covers are custom designed to fit each Apollo Enclosure model with the Apollo weatherproof wall or ceiling mount. Keeps the Enclosure Free from Dust Durable 600D Polyester with PVC coating Lightweight Fits Securely Washable Weatherproof The back Velcro closure is designed to keep the Apollo Dust Cover securely in place, and provides simplified removal and placement. DC7570 - For Apollo Enclosure Model AE7570 DC6560 - For Apollo Enclosure Model AE6560 DC5550 - For Apollo Enclosure Model AE5550 DC5046 - For Apollo Enclosure Model AE5046 DC4239 - For Apollo Enclosure Model AE4239 Apollo Enclosures are standard in Black (BL). Designer color upgrades are also available in: Silver (SL) White (WH) Metallic Sandstone (SS) Use the Modesty Frame slats for a custom fit appear- ance when installing smaller size TVs within the range of TVs that fit the Apollo Enclosure. MOD70 Frames 70" TVs in Model AE7570 MOD60 Frames 60" TVs in Model AE6560 MOD55 Frames 50" TVs in Model AE5550 MOD47 Frames 46-47" TVs in Model AE5046 MOD39 frames 39" TVs in Model AE4239 The Apollo thermostatically-controlled Heater Module is an option available for extreme weather conditions. The Heater Module can be preset to: Virtually eliminate condensation in high-humidity climates or Protect your TV in extremely cold climates where temperatures dip below -04F (-20C.) HDMI-90 is a male to female right angle HDMI adapter. (This item may be necessary when installing TVs with rear facing HDMI ports). HDMI-90 for all models. CUSTOM DESIGNED DUST COVERS DESIGNER CUSTOM COLORS MODESTY FRAME HEATER MODULE HDMI ADAPTER SK100-WM is an anti-theft security kit that protects all models that are installed on articulating or non-articulating wall-mounts. Padlock not included. SECURITY KIT

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