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The meeting is the foundation of today's business world. It can also be one of its most challenging elements. Between preparing and moving supplies, finding a room and making sure every voice is heard, it's easy for game-changing ideas to get lost in the process. Introducing the Samsung Flip, an interactive display that drives more productive and efficient collaboration without the hassle. With the Samsung Flip, meetings can take place anywhere and at any time, with everything you need always ready to go.


Whatever your collaborative needs, the Samsung Flip display can improve the quality of any meeting. See your ideas come to life in clear UHD picture quality. Activate the display through sensor recognition to ensure your meeting starts on time. And make any location a meeting space by adding a portable, wheel-based stand. Facilitators and participants can trust the Samsung Flip to enliven any conversation.


Take the traditional meeting to the next level. Through the Samsung Flip's mobile connectivity, you can add images, charts or other essential information directly to the Flip from your personal devices, all in a clear, easy- to-read format. The Samsung Flip also provides the same familiar writing experience as a standard analog white board or piece of paper, so you can expand your creativity without sacrificing comfort.


Regardless of your industry or work environment, the Samsung Flip is the perfect addition to any meeting style or environment. The Flip's diverse features and functions accommodate both creative and information-based businesses, promoting a more seamless and interactive team dynamic. Any team working in any industry stands to bene t from the faster, clearer and more organized exchange of ideas now made possible by the Samsung Flip.

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