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DIRECT VIEW LEDS LED 194 CHRISTIE VELVET INDOOR LED TILED DISPLAY Resolution HD Brightness 800 nits Contrast Ratio 5000:1 (Full Field) Pixel Pitches 1.5, 1.9, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0mm Refresh Rate >3200Hz Viewing Angle 160 Wide Angle Aspect ratio 1:1 Scan rate 1/26 Runtime 24/7 SPECIFICATIONS: Christie Velvet Merit Series EXPRESS YOUR VISION Christie Velvet Merit Series gives you the creative freedom to design and build seamless, high- resolution LED displays in a variety of shapes and sizes. Featuring an extremely high fill-factor, a 1:1 aspect ratio and available in pixel pitches ranging from 1.5mm to 4.0mm, the Merit Series displays content in brilliant detail and clarity. Certified at the system-level and offering 24/7 operation and 100,000 hours of service-life, the Merit Series is a reliable LED display solution for architectural installations, large-scale display walls and fixed install and digital signage applications. Backed by Christie's industry-leading warranty and support, you have the power to illuminate your vision and create spectacular display walls that last. LED015-M / LED019-M / LED025-M / LED030-M / LED040-M Christie Velvet - Indoor LED Tiles High-Performance, High-Impact LED Display Walls Christie Velvet is easy to install, operate and maintain, allowing you to envelop any space in brilliant visuals. Easily harness the power of efficient, high-impact LED display walls to engage clients and customers, share information and entertain in unique and innovative ways. The Reliable, Certified Indoor LED Solution Certified at the system-level and offering 24/7 operation and 100,000 hours of service-life, Christie Velvet is perfect for seamless displays in architectural, entertainment and critical viewing environments. Available in two series: Christie Velvet Merit Series - for Artistic and Architectural Environments Christie Velvet Apex Series - for Critical Viewing Environments LED INPUTS/OUTPUTS: DVI HDMI SPECIFICATIONS: FEATURES: INPUTS/OUTPUTS: Merit Series Models Available: LED015-M - 1.5mm, LED Tile LED019-M - 1.9mm, LED Tile LED025-M - 2.5mm, LED Tile LED030-M - 3.0mm, LED Tile LED040-M - 4.0mm, LED Tile FEATURES: High-resolution, bright and seamless visuals with wide viewing angles. 24/7 operation. Scalable 1:1 aspect ratio for design flexibility. Energy efficient and low operating temperatures. Solid-state design for easy assembly and reliable, long-life, maintenance-free operation. Worry-free solution with system level certification. Christie Velvet Merit Series

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