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DIRECT VIEW LEDS LED 195 CHRISTIE VELVET INDOOR LED TILED DISPLAY Resolution UHD/HD Brightness 1000 nits Contrast Ratio 5000:1 (Full Field) Pixel Pitches 1.2, 1.6mm Refresh Rate >3200Hz Viewing Angle 160 Wide Angle Aspect ratio 16:9 Scan rate 1/30 Runtime 24/7 SPECIFICATIONS: Christie Velvet Apex Series PEAK PERFORMANCE LED Reach new heights with Christie Velvet Apex Series. Featuring UHD resolution, extremely high fill-factor and advanced monitoring capabilities, the Apex Series is a completely certified LED display wall solution providing 24/7 operation for critical viewing environments. With front-access serviceability, remote and redundant power supply and a slim ADA-compliant design, the Apex Series delivers the highest performance possible for LED displays. Available in ultra-fine range of pixel pitches and featuring a 16:9 aspect ratio, the Apex Series displays content in impeccable detail, making it the ideal choice for applications where image quality and clarity is paramount. LED012-AL / LED012-AP / LED016-AL / LED019-AL / LED025-AL Christie Velvet Apex Series LED INPUTS/OUTPUTS: DVI HDMI SPECIFICATIONS: FEATURES: INPUTS/OUTPUTS: Merit Series Models Available: LED012-AL - 1.2mm, LED Tile (Landscape Oriented) LED012-AP - 1.2mm, LED Tile (Portrait Oriented) LED016-AL - 1.6mm, LED Tile (Landscape Oriented) LED016-AP - 1.6mm, LED Tile (Portrait Oriented) FEATURES: High-Definition, bright and seamless visuals with wide viewing angles. 24/7 operation. 16:9 aspect ratio. Remote and redundant power supply. Front-serviceable. Slim design that is ADA compliant. Landscape and portrait options. Advanced monitoring capability (SNMP). Very low frame delay. HDSDI RESOLUTION

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