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Leyard uEV Series

The Leyard uEV Series is a high impact, standard format indoor LED video wall, ideal for digital signage in larger indoor environments. The Leyard uEV Series is highly reliable and easy to maintain, providing 24x7 operation. With front serviceability, durable quality, and superb LED technology, the Leyard uEV Series provides a viewing experience that is unmatched in the marketplace. Family of indoor digital signage LED video wall displays. Available in 4, 5 and 6mm pitches. High reliability and image quality. Front serviceable LED modules. Remote diagnostic support.

Leyard NVH Series

The Leyard NV Series provides a seamless and bold outdoor canvas that is bright and colorful. The Leard NV Series wide viewing angle lengthens impression time. Easy to install and maintain, the highly efficient Leyard NV Series reduces total cost of ownership. Its weather resistant design is ideal for a wide range of applications, providing reliable runtime and longlife. Outdoor LED video wall displays. Available in 8mm pitch. Lightweight and slim cabinet. High brightness design. Suitable for outdoor or indoor.

Leyard uLV Series

If your outdoor LED video wall is to be viewed from a further distance, the uLV Series provides exceptional value while delivering a vivid, bright and consistent image. Highly scalable and front serviceable, the uLV Series' efficient design reduces construction and operating costs. Its highly reliable, weather resistant design delivers 24x7 runtime in a wide range of environments. Family of scalable outdoor LED video wall displays. Available in 10, 16 and 20mm pitches. Rugged cabinet design for outdoor use. Front serviceable LED modules. High brightness for outdoor performance.



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