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Touch Options Standard Configurations Custom Configurations MT6- 6 Simultaneous Touch Points MT32- 32 Simultaneous Touch Points 2x2 and 3x3 LX46HDS-L, LX55HDS-L, LX46HDU-L, LX55HDU-L, LX55HDX-L, MX46HDU-L, MX46HDX, MX55HDU-L, MX55HDX-L Height <10' (3m) Width + Height 40' (12m) Portrait and Landscape LX46HDS, LX55HDS, LX46HDU, LX55HDU, LX55HDX, MX46HDU, MX46HDX, MX55HDU, MX55HDX Touch Frame Dimensions 2.6" x 2.6" x 4.5" Connectivity to Source USB 2.0 Power for Touch System 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz OS Compatibility Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows XP, Max OS X, Android (limited to iStick) and Linux

Multi-User, Multi-Touch Interactive LCD Video Wall

For customers looking for a large, interactive display in public spaces or collaboration environments, Planar's Clarity Matrix MultiTouch Video Wall System provides an ultra-slim profile, high-impact interactive video wall. Planar's Clarity Matrix MultiTouch utilizes a touch sensor frame around the edge of the video wall allowing multiple users to touch and use gestures to interact with content on the video wall. Clarity Matrix MultiTouch utilizes Planar's EROTM (Extended Ruggedness and Optics) technology to provide a modular, near seamless touch surface that protects the LCD screens. Clarity Matrix MultiTouch incorporates the latest touch technology to enable up to 32 touch points simultaneously across the video wall. This allows multiple touches or common gesture recognition by a single user but allows for multiple people to interact with the video wall and not affect other users, making it the premier solution for customers looking to expand their collaboration capabilities in visualization or conference room applications. Not only does the Clarity Matrix MultiTouch provide simultaneous touches but it provides a better touch experience with pinpoint accuracy, prevents false touch points, and is capable of creating large video wall sizes up to a 350" diagonal.

The ERO Advantage

Clarity Matrix with ERO features a glass front to provide increased ruggedness and optical performance for applications in public spaces or interactive touch. The glass surface is optically bonded to the front of the LCD with a proprietary construction and assembly technique to maintain the narrow bezel spacing and creating a continuous surface when tiled together in a video wall. Clarity Matrix with ERO also provides improved optical performance by providing additional ambient light rejection and increased contrast.

Modular Protective Touch Surface

Other implementations of touch systems for LCD video walls have required a large piece of glass in front of the LCD to protect and provide a touchable surface. This glass can be cumbersome for installation, transport, and servicing of large video walls. The modular design of the Clarity Matrix with ERO provides a near seamless touch surface while ensuring ease of installation and serviceability, less parallax error, and superior optical properties.

Ultra-Slim Profile

Clarity Matrix MultiTouch features an ultra-slim profile with Planar's EasyAxis Mounting System. The EasyAxis Mounting System also enables fine adjustments to achieve perfect panel-to-panel alignment, creating a continuous touch surface.

Easy to Install and Fully Configurable

Clarity Matrix MultiTouch is available in 2x2 and 3x3 standard video wall configurations. Custom configurations up to 350" diagonal are available as a special order item. Both standard and custom configurations are available in 6 or 32 touch point options. This modular system is easy to install and includes everything needed to add multi-touch capabilities to the video wall and is installed and calibrated during the installation. D e LCD to protect and provide a touchable surface. This the Clarity Matrix with ERO provides a near seamless

Without ERO With ERO



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