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DIGITAL SIGNAGE PLAYERS, CONTENT AND CONNECTIVITY 209 are displayed at the front and back of the Bingo Hall and seven large 2x2 display setups were also implemented at key locations throughout the room to ensure that guests would not have to look far to stay on top of the letters and numbers called and be able to stay in the action. In the Pima Lounge, a 10x2 display setup was positioned behind the bar. This allows patrons to easily view sporting events or advertising throughout much of the room. Additionally, this setup can be used as one giant screen or broken up into five 2x2 displays to offer guests a variety of viewing options. The Maricopa Lounge used a different implementation. Behind the bar are two 2x2 display setups. "Given the layout of the lounge, it made sense to set up ten additional 2x2 displays on three walls in distinct spaces opposite the bar," said Tolle. "This way, guests could easily view sporting events and promotional information surrounding casino activities and offerings." A giant 5x4 display wall was chosen to highlight the rotunda where guest services are located. Not only does this wall call attention to the exciting amenities, features and entertainment of Casino Arizona, but it serves as an iconic feature of the casino itself. Guests know they have arrived at an exceptional location and will remember their experience at Casino Arizona when departing. The Arizona Room restaurant is outfitted with a 6x4 wall display as well. This wall can receive a feed from a camera that the designers have put in place to not only build upon the excitement in the restaurant itself, but to highlight the excitement on the dance floor to other guests throughout the property. In all, 176 NEC X551UN displays have been installed throughout both Casino Arizona and Talking Stick Resort. Santini and his team tout the benefits of the displays and their ultra-thin bezels as making all the difference in the applications. "We didn't want a black line to be distinguishable," he said. "We wanted the 2x2 setups to be as seamless as possible and look like a single large unit." Santini added that they are looking into putting in some new wayfinding displays in 2013 and have been very excited with the guest responses they have received since installing the X551UN throughout both properties. CASE STUDY

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