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DIGITAL SIGNAGE PLAYERS, CONTENT AND CONNECTIVITY 213 NEW! Cost Effective Displays for High Impact Video Walls The Planar RA Series of narrow bezel LCD displays deliver a value-based video wall solution that supports the demanding requirements of 24x7 mission critical applications and high ambient light environments. These 49" and 55" LCD video wall displays feature a wide range of features which enable versatile and high impact video wall installations. High Performance LCD Displays Optimized for Video Wall Applications With a bezel to bezel width of only 12.6mm, tiled Planar RA Series LCD video wall displays can create large, visually stunning arrays for a wide variety of applications including retail stores, hospitality, universities, sports bars, corporate lobbies, casinos, and exhibits. Optimized for commercial applications, the Planar RA Series is designed for video wall applications requiring long-term reliability and feature-rich functionality, including: High Performance for Demanding Applications Enhanced brightness of up to 700 cd/m2 delivers optimal viewing in high ambient light environments. 24x7 reliability supports extended use. Source failover ensures continuous on-screen activity without downtime. Video Wall Versatility Supports multiple daisy chain signals (DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, and VGA) and resolutions up to 4K. OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) slot enables seamless integration of compatible digital signage hardware. Landscape or portrait orientation. Optimized for Tiled Installations Narrow bezel-to-bezel width of 12.6mm. Built-in video wall scaling supports configurations of up to 10x10 displays. Ultra-slim profile of 2.2" with VESA mounting compatibility. RA SERIES LCD VIDEO WALL DISPLAYS Planar RA-Series Product Specifications Diagonal Size Tiled Bezel Width Max Brightness Connectivity OPS Slot 4K Input Capability Video Wall Processing Display Control Mounting Electronics and Power Supplies Depth Touch Options ERO Protective Glass Redundant Power Supply Orientation 49" & 55" 12.6mm 700 cd/m 2 DisplayPort, HDMIx2, DVI, VGA, Audio Yes Full Video Wall Scaling IR, RS-232, LAN, Keypad VESA Compatible Behind The Display 2 2" Not Available Portrait / Landscape

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