Big Book OF AV Page 214 Digital Signage Players, Content and Connectivity

DIGITAL SIGNAGE PLAYERS, CONTENT AND CONNECTIVITY 214 BRIGHTSIGN PC SOFTWARE EASY CREATION, PUBLISHING AND MANAGEMENT OF PRESENTATIONS BrightSign's free BrightAuthor PC application takes the guesswork out of creating, previewing, publishing and managing presentations. It offers complete access to all BrightSign features and functionality and provides an intuitive interface and set of tools to implement them into your presentations. Simple steps to get a presentation up and running on BrightSign 1. Build. Access all BrightSign features and easily build them into presentations. 2. Preview. Review presentation playback before publishing. 3. Publish. Auto builds and distributes a complete presentation packet ready to play on BrightSign. 4. Manage. Easily update, monitor and manage your BrightSign Network. BRIGHTSIGN NETWORK SECURE AND SCALABLE CLOUD-BASED DIGITAL SIGNAGE NETWORK BrightSign Network is an affordable, secure and scalable cloud-based digital signage network service. It delivers the complete infrastructure to serve, manage and support your digital signage network and frees you from the complexities of hosting and maintaining your own network. BrightSign Network provides you with the tools and interface to: Remotely and securely update content, firmware, presentations and schedules. Divide players into groups for ease of management. Monitor and manage the activity and status of displays using remote snapshot. Perform network administrator functions. Assign user roles and permissions for conditional access. BRIGHTSIGN APP EASY SIGNAGE UPDATES The free BrightSign app provides instant signage updates using an iPad or iPhone. Change live text such as menu items as prices, and display new specials or items on the fly.

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