Big Book OF AV Page 220 Digital Signage Players, Content and Connectivity

DIGITAL SIGNAGE PLAYERS, CONTENT AND CONNECTIVITY 220 IntelliFlex Low Cost Reliable Low Power No Maintenance Images & Video with Overlay HTML5 Content Premium Content Creation Tools Premium Content (Weather, Sports, News) IntelliFlex provides you the flexibility you need to develop your digital signage content strategy, no matter what your capabilities are. Start with a simple rotation of images and videos, with options to add graphic overlays (no internet required) and premium content (sports, news, weather updates) - all managed from the device itself. Utilize one of Cenique's community partners to create hassle-free, original content for your IntelliFlex players. Some options include: *or download content from your DropBox account (works like a USB drive, doesn't require always-on Internet) 3D Logo Renderings Animated HTML Content Editor with Tons of Templates Overlay Templates Designs PowerPoint, Video, and Image Conversion Tools Online Image Editors Device Manager Subscription (remotely manage multiple devices) Contextually-Aware Signage YouTube Video Downloader DEVICE MANAGED SOLUTION CLOUD MANAGED SOLUTION Standalone Operation, No Network Connection Needed Premium Content Options: Sports, News, Weather *Requires an always on Internet connection Requires an Always on Internet Connection *JPG, PNG, MP4 Mixed Media Loaded via USB Drive HTML / HTML5 HTML ZIP File Loaded via USB Drive HTML / HTML5 URL Entered to Connect to Your Content IP Streaming Content URL Entered to Connect to Streaming Video Source CONTENT HOW IT WORKS Tap into the power of the Cenique Community

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