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IntelliKit C410-AVA-KIT Everything needed to experience Anonymous Video Analytics The C410 IntelliSense kit includes everything needed to deploy Cenique's Anonymous Viewer Analytics solution - great for gathering demographics at any strike point or digital signage applications. Includes the device, camera (720P, 10-12 feet), and a one-year IntelliSense subscription for the device. Optional Content Management Software allows for creating Context Aware Messaging - change images and videos displayed based on who is in front of the display! KEY ANALYTICS Impressions - how many people has your message reached? Gender + Age - is your message reaching your target audience? Dwell Time - what is the average dwell time of each passerby? Time/Day/Location Performance - when and where is your digital signage having the greatest impact? PRODUCT FEATURES Completely Anonymous - no video is ever stored Cloud Managed - access analytics dashboard over the internet Discreet - small and compact, IntelliSense hardware accommodates virtually any setting or display SDK - integrator friendly for most platforms The AVA (Anonymous Video Analytics) software that tracks and measures your digital signage performance. Capture data to determine the effectiveness of your content, perform A/B tests, and trigger immediate content changes based on the viewer. Access your IntelliSense dashboard in real time or anytime via our cloud-based system. This "presence detection" solution is the perfect companion for digital signage in a retail setting. Cenique Best-in-Class CMS Partners for IntelliSense AVA Cenique believes the best digital signage CMS for a customer is one that meets the customer's needs and budget. Selected Cenique CMS partner solutions offer a distinct fit for virtually any size business or organization, from the FREE Rise Vision CMS to an enterprise scalable solution from 11Giraffes. n

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