Big Book OF AV Page 226 Mounts for Displays, Signage and LED

MOUNTS FOR DISPLAYS, SIGNAGE AND LED 226 LTA1U Tilt Mount MTMP1U Micro-Adjustable Portait Fusion Tilt Mounts SPECIFICATIONS Display Size 37 - 80" Tilt +2, -12 Depth 2" (50.8mm) Weight Capacity 200lbs (90.7kg) Color Black SPECIFICATIONS Display Size 26 - 55" Tilt +5, -12 Depth 3.19" (81mm) Weight Capacity 200lbs (90.7kg) Color Black LTM1U Micro-Adjustable Tilt Mount Also Available: Other Sizes and Fixed Models LSMVU Pull-Out Mount Al Availabl MSMVU for -47" Displays Fusion Micro-Adjustable Tilt and Pull-Out Mounts Also Available: MSMVU for 26 SPECIFICATIONS Display Size 37-80" Tilt +2, -12 Depth 2" (51mm) Lateral Shift 17.36" (441mm) Weight Capacity 200lbs (90.7kg) Color Black ControlZone Leveling SPECIFICATIONS Display Size 37-63" Max. Extension 10.7" (272mm) Depth 3.7" (94mm) Plumb Adjust 2.5 Weight Capacity 150lbs (68kg) Color Black DIGITAL SIGNAGE HOME THEATER BOARDROOM A full line of accessories are available to customize your installation without adding depth!

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