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Full Panoramic Solution

Leyard Reality Solutions are highly customized systems, designed and tested for each application. The physical structure for Leyard Reality Solutions features hardware components paired with a suite of software and services for 3D simulation, spatial positioning and tracking, multi-channel 3D suture system and real-time Physically Based Rendering (PBR), as well as custom 3D model and content development. Perfect for a variety of high-performance visualization applications. Virtual broadcast set for on-camera viewing. Data visualization and analysis of 3D models. Education or training simulations. Tourism innovation and destination simulations. Military simulation. Architectural renderings and walk-throughs. Real estate development previews. Product design collaboration. Collaborative virtual reality (VR) visualizations and game play. Shared crowd viewing of head mounted device (HMD) VR experiences.

Real-Time Virtual, Augmented and Reality Experiences

Leyard Reality Solutions provide fully immersive solutions with stunning, realistic experiences from broadcast sets to simulation environments to the latest in collaborative virtual reality (VR). Vujmj{joh!uif!mbuftu!MFE!wjefp!xbmm!boe!pps!ufdiopmphjft! with motion capture sensors and cutting-edge software, Leyard Reality Solutions create immersive environments for real-time exploration of 3D models in the physical space. This dynamic solution brings content to life for a wide range of applications including broadcast studios, visualization of volumetric data for analysis or exploring virtual worlds for collaborative game play.

Leyard Reality Solutions Immersive Experience System

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