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Meet now : Walk up to the conference room and book an instant meeting directly on the Joan device, pro- vided that the room is not occupied. Then walk right in. Meet later : Book a meeting for later in the day directly at the conference room door. Instead of checking for vacancies in your online calendar, simply press 'Meet later' and set the start and end time of your meeting. Timetable : Pull up the meeting room schedule right at the conference room door. Press 'Timetable' on Joan's interface and take a look at the meetings coming up in real time. End meetings early : By pressing X next to the meeting information when a meeting is in progress, you can end a meeting early and free up the room for someone else to use. Cancel meetings : If you press X next to the meeting name for a meeting that's coming up, you can cancel that meeting. That will delete it from the calendar and open a free time slot. Check into meeting : By pressing the check mark next to the meeting information of the meeting coming up 5, 15 or 30 minutes before or after the start of the meeting, participants confirm that the meeting is actually taking place. Otherwise, the meeting is deleted from the calendar and the room frees up automatically for other people to use.

What's the technology behind JOAN?

JOAN features an E Ink electronic paper display powered by advanced Visionect technology. Epaper is a digital display that mimics actual paper. It has paper-sharp visibility with no glare and a 180 viewing angle and is readable in any light condition. Epaper doesn't distract with the aggressive brightness of LCD or LED displays but blends with modern office design without any unnecessary light pollution. JOAN features a battery autonomy of weeks. It's 99% more energy efficient than LCD or LED technologies and beats out any other solution in terms of practicality. No need to charge every day. No muss, no fuss.

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