Big Book OF AV Page 240 Digital Signage Players, Content and Connectivity

DIGITAL SIGNAGE PLAYERS, CONTENT AND CONNECTIVITY 240 Deliver the Right Message to the Right Place at the Right Time Drag and drop template playlisting and design. Data integration from multiple sources. Day parting-time based playback rules. Hyper targeted content: based on meta data tagging. Random or sequential playback for folders of content. Folder mirror to external network shares. Inter-zone triggering and synchronization. Simplified user interface for local instant updates. Create ambience with separate audio playlists. ENTERPRISE CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CMS Physical Appliance CMS Software CMS Maintenance Rack Mountable. Intel Xeon, 1TB HDD, 16GB RAM. Must be ordered in combination with CMS-Software CMS-Server Appliance software for use on CMS-PA physical appliance or installation in a VMWare or Hyper V environment Annual CMS Software updates and maintenance after year 1 at 20% per year CMS-PA CMS-VA CMS-MNT ONELAN NTB's - Signage in a Box NTB stand alone players provide an all in one solution giving everything needed to create, manage and display content in one box. For networks, NTB's are used as Subscribers pulling their content from a master publisher player or the ONELAN enterprise CMS. The intuitive Web user interface allows users to schedule zoned multi-media content for a variety of display screens. NTB's allow powerful communications in High Definition including live video feeds, RSS, HTML and Flash content all on one screen.

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