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Features Universal mounting brackets for two flat-screen displays. Shock-mounted monitor frame. Latching two-piece lid is split for easy access. Removable front panel for easy access to second monitor. Rear access panel for connection to power. ABS plastic storage cover can also be used as a shelf. Four 6" locking casters for smooth transport. Stabilizers for added protection against tip over. Specifications Construction: High-impact ABS plastic over 1/2" wood frame with steel corners, aluminum trim. Foam interior specifically designed to protect LCD or plasma display while attached to shock-mounted gas lift. Additional foam compartment for second display. Case Dimensions: 67" H x 36" W x 30" D (ELU-50RX2) 72" H x 39" W x 30" D (ELU-60RX2) Weight (No Monitor, Each Case): 357lbs (ELU-50RX2) 400lbs (ELU-60RX2) Features Proprietary universal mounting bracket for flat-screen display. Full range of viewing heights, range varies by display size. Shock-mounted EZ-LIFT mechanism. Integrated cable management system. One-piece locking lid (EL-42, EL-50, EL-60) or Two-piece clamshell locking lid (EL-65, EL-70, EL-80, EL-98). Four heavy duty 4" or 6" locking casters. Mounted multi-outlet power strip (EL-60, EL-65, EL-70, EL-80, EL-98 only). Plastic cavity covers conceal the inside of the case when in use (EL-60, EL-65, EL-70, EL-80, EL-98 only). Specifications Model EL-42: (Fits Most 37"- 49" Flat Screens) Case Dimensions: 48"L x 19"W x 51"H / 192lbs Model EL-50: (Fits Most 50"-55" Flat Screens) Case Dimensions: 55"L x 19"W x 51"H / 215lbs Model EL-60: (Fits Most 55"-65" Flat Screens) Case Dimensions: 68"L x 20"W x 59"H / 269lbs Model EL-65: (Fits Most 55"-65" Touch Screens) Case Dimensions: 68"L x 20"W x 59"H / 292lbs Model EL-70: (Fits Most 70"-75"" Flat Screens) Case Dimensions: 74"L x 24"W x 61"H / 375lbs Model EL-80: (Fits Most 80"-90" Flat Screens) Case Dimensions: 86"L x 24"W x 65"H / 443lbs Model EL-98: (Fits Most 95"-98" Flat Screens) Case Dimensions: 95"L x 24"W x 68"H / 475lbs


Mobile digital signage just got easier. JELCO's innovative ROTOLIFT DUAL case makes transport, protection, and use of multiple-screen presentation systems and mini video walls both practical and cost-effective. JELCO's proprietary EZ-LIFT technology gently lifts one permanently-mounted display out of the protective case and allows the screen to be rotated for horizontal viewing. The second display stores in the same case and mounts to the display frame in seconds. If desired, the monitors can be manually separated to create a height distance between the displays. EZ-LIFT TV Lift Case Your previously stationary flat screen monitor has now been mobilized. JELCO's EZ-LIFT, the original industry-first lift case, is designed to make shipping, displaying, and protection of your large flat screen monitors practical and cost-effective. The EZ-LIFT mechanism gently raises the large flat screen monitor into viewing position.




ELU-50RX2 for 46"-55" Displays - 1x2 Configuration ELU-60RX2 for 60" Displays - 1x2 Configuration

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