Big Book OF AV Page 253 Mounts for Displays, Signage and LED

MOUNTS FOR DISPLAYS, SIGNAGE AND LED 253 CUS-MVWS - The CUS-MVWS video wall stand is a new solution for video walls that can be anchored to a stand while providing custom skirting to cover the base for a sleek presentation. This versatile, easy-to-install 3x2 video wall stand is expandable to any width, offers fine-tune alignment, and works with either 55" or 46" displays. Weight Capacity per Mount: 100lbs / 45.5kg Number of Mounts: 9 Dimensions: (WxHxD) 134.25" x 106.13"x 36.63" Mounting Pattern: 200 x 200mm (Min) - 600 x 400mm (Max) Typical Display Sizes: 55" MVWS-3x3-55 - Modular 3x3 Video Wall Stand This modular three-by-three video wall stand is specifically designed for 55" thin bezel flat panels. This mounting system completely breaks down to make shipping, handling, and moving much easier. Fine-tune alignment of each display provided by patent-pending top adjustable mounting brackets. Weight: 88lbs / 40kg Weight Capacity: 160lbs / 72.7kg Height: 67" / 1702mm Mounting Pattern: 200x200mm (Min) - 505x800mm (Max) Typical Display Sizes 40" and Up Tilt: +/- 12.00 Pipe Length: 60" / 1524mm Sturdy steel construction makes this shelf extremely durable. Easy to install and adjust. Adapts to dual pole carts and stands. Weight: 147lbs / 66.8kg Weight Capacity: 160lbs/ 72.7kg Height: 60" / 1524mm Mounting Pattern: 200x200mm (Min) - 800x505mm (Max) Typical Display Sizes: 37" and Up Tilt: +12.00 Pipe Length: 60" / 1524mm Weight: 128lbs / 58.2kg Weight Capacity: 160lbs/ 72.7kg Height: 61" / 1549mm Mounting Pattern: 200x200mm (Min) - 875x505mm (Max) Typical Display Sizes: 37" and Up Tilt: +35.00 / -10.00 Pipe Length: 60" / 1524mm BW60-MS2 - Mobile Cart PSD-SHB - Shelf for Dual Pole Carts/Stands TS60-MS2 - Low-Profile Floor Stand TL60-RTM - Lightweight Floor Stand This mobile cart combination includes the PSD-BW base and a CTM-MS2 flat panel mount. The PSD-BW nesting cart features 60" dual chrome poles for an overall height of 67" The unique base de gn allows easy storage of two or more bases. The CTM-MS2 is a tilting mount for flat panel displays with patented Griplates, which hold the flat panel display permanently in the desired position. This stylish shelf is an accessory for du pole floor stands and carts. Its rugged constr tion can withstand the roughest treatment. One or more shelves may be attached to a cart or stand to hold A/V equipment or point of purchase materials. This low-profile floor stand combination includes the PSD-TS60 and a CTM-MS2 tilting mount for flat panels up to 160lbs. The PSD-TS60 includes 60" dual chrome poles while the CTM-MS2 has a patented Clevis tilting mechanism which allows 12 of continuous tilt and built-in lateral shift. This lightweight floor stand combination includes the PSD-TL60 and RTM-L Rotating Mount. The PSD- TL60 includes 60" chrome poles while the RTM-L provides 360 of rotation for horizontal or vertical display configuration. Weight capacity 160lbs/73kg. esign es. panel ch hold e ) al pole ruction t i l

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