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MOUNTS FOR DISPLAYS 254 Apollo Outdoor Weatherproof TV Enclosures The inspiration for Apollo Enclosures evolved throughout the 10 years Lynn Stearn served as Vice President of Sales for the first outdoor TV to come to market. Lynn realized that many clients wanted more flexibility when selecting a TV for outdoors and weren't willing to spend a significant premium for proprietary outdoor TV's, which weren't necessarily based on the most current technology available. Leading the way in outdoor TV enclosure design, Apollo Enclosures redefined the enclosure category with models that forge new aesthetic territory. With an advanced outdoor technology feature set and a slim, sleek design, Apollo illustrated how the enclosure can disappear behind its role to safely protect thin LED TV's and make ANY TV an outdoor TV. As TV's and super bright digital displays become slimmer, bigger and more affordable, an Apollo enclosure is the ultimate outdoor TV solution at savings of up to 50% when compared to leading outdoor TV brands. The Elite Line has 5 popular sizes to house and protect LED TVs from 39"-75" and a new Pro Line of digital signage enclosures is available for 50"-65" Ultra high bright displays. Apollo's outdoor enclosures are ideal for residential, commercial and digital signage applications. Apollo's Vision is "Mastering the Outdoor TV Viewing Experience from the Inside - Out!" Apollo Enclosures changed the game by producing affordable and attractive outdoor LED/LCD TV enclosures that offer superior protection against rain, dust, insects and extreme temperatures. These enclosures are packaged with a sleek and modern powder-coated aluminum cabinet with anti-reflective safety glass and weatherproof mounting choices, creating an all-in-one solution. Just add a slim-line TV to instantly deliver TV entertainment to virtually any outdoor setting.

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