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AWARE is a hardware based, software as a service (SaaS) display management ecosystem that can create on target, impactful changes on both your LED and LCD networks. It combines display diagnostics and support functions with content management services and a robust audience measurement platform providing a complete view to effectively communicate with your audience. AWARE's ability to integrate, augment and enhance incumbent third party solutions, interactive content, live video feeds, and advanced sensors means NanoLumens displays will remain as effective tomorrow as they are today. Clients include Cox Hospitality Network, Bed Bath and Beyond, the state of Oklahoma, as well as the New England Patriots. Not only does AWARE power NanoLumens LED displays, it is also used to control other types of displays including LCDs and video walls . How Can AWARE Help You?

Display Diagnostics and Alerts:

Provide alerts for failures resulting from power loss, temperature warnings, software errors, video signal, media player issues and more. Collects data points and alerts down to the receive card. One click easy viewing to instantly see the status of ALL displays both LED and LCD. Downloadable analytics reports showing the status of players and displays?

Media Player

Easily load images, video, HTML5 content or RSS feeds into playlists similar to iTunes. Schedule content down to the minute. Customizable resolutions so content can be easily made and distributed. Remote live view to verify content playback. Downloadable reports showing proof of play down to the actual file being played. Open platform to take content triggers from external sources such as show control or Emergency Messaging systems.


AWARE features a full HDCP 2.x certified 1080p HDMI input allowing pass though and playback from external video sources. AWARE will send an alert if this source becomes disconnected. Live view will allow you to remotely verify content is streaming from the external video source. Easily switch between HDMI-Thru and the built in CMS player.

Audience Measurement

Camera based solution providing reporting on Head count, Dwell time, Gender, age range, and emotion.

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