Big Book OF AV Page 266 Mounts for Displays

MOUNTS FOR DISPLAYS 266 LSD1U Dynamic Height Adjustable Wall Mount Also Available: MSD1U for 73-136lbs (33-61kg) displays LPD1U Dynamic Height Adjustable Cart Also Available: MPD1U for 69-133lbs (32-60kg) & Floor Support Models LWM3x1U Menu Board Mount Additional configurations available in landscape and portrait. Need something else? Visit us at Fusion Dynamic Height Adjustable Mounts SPECIFICATIONS Weight Range 125-180lbs (57-81kg) Vertical 15.75" (400mm) Adjustment Color Black SPECIFICATIONS Weight Range 122-177lbs (56-80kg) Vertical 15.75" (400mm) Adjustment Color Black SPECIFICATIONS Display Size 40" - 55" Tilt 0, -20 Height 2" (or +/- 1") Adjustment Depth 5.8" (147.3mm) Weight Capacity 125lbs (56.7kg) Per Display Color Black Ideal for Menu Boards See how easy Fusion Dynamic is to adjust by watching the video at HeavyLifting

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