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A Global Market Leader in Enterprise Digital Signage Content Management

ONELAN is a global leader in the development and management of enterprise grade technology solutions for digital visual dpnnvojdbujpot-!jodmvejoh!bqqmjdbujpot!tvdi!bt!ejhjubm!tjhobhf-!xbzoejoh-!ebub!wjtvbmj{bujpo!boe!nffujoh!sppn! signage. Our robust, interactive solutions offer scalability and relevance across multiple market sectors, simplifying complex and diverse messages and visualizing them on any device or display. Organizations in education, corporate, retail and hospitality rely on ONELAN to deliver information to their target audiences. ONELAN has a proven international track record, implementing more than six thousand successful projects across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australasia and North America. With a solid foundation and long history of qspubcmf!hspxui-!POFMBO!ibt!b!xpsmexjef!ofuxpsl!pg!bddsfejufe!efbmfst!boe!tztufn!joufhsbupst!bdsptt!61!dpvousjft/! POFMBO!jt!ifbervbsufsfe!jo!uif!VL!xjui!pgdft!jo!Evcbj-!Hfsnboz-!Dijob!boe!uif!Vojufe!Tubuft/

Vtf!nffujoh!sppn!boe!iveemf!tqbdft!npsf!fgdjfoumz! with our compact digital meeting room signs.

Take Control of Meeting Rooms - Ezobnjdbmmz!mjolfe!up!zpvs!dbmfoebsjoh!tztufnt/ Nbyjnjtf!Xpsltqbdf!Vujmj{bujpo!.! Nbobhf!op!tipxt!xjui!bvupnbufe!sfnpwbm!pg!uif! meeting if the organizer does not attend. Prevent Double Bookings - Eliminates the distraction, confusion and frustration caused when two meetings are scheduled in the same room. Find your Meeting with Ease - Sftfswb!Xbzoejoh!dmfbsmz! shows meetings about to start and where they are being held.

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Sftfswb!jt!b!POFMBO!csboe!uibu!tqfdjbmj{ft!jo!uif!efwfmpqnfou! of intuitive meeting room signage technologies with support for market leading calendar and timetabling systems used in corporate, education and hospitality industries. POFMBO!jt!b!hmpcbm!mfbefs!jo!wjtvbm!dpnnvojdbujpo!Tpmvujpot/


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