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Digital Menu Board Mount with Height and Depth Adjustment DS-MBZ642L / DS-MBZ647L / DS-MBZ647P

For 40 to 48 Displays Peerless-AVs QSR Menu Board Mount is designed to create a seamless mounting surface through connecting wall plates. Continuous and fixed tilt options allow all displays to be tilted at the same angle with ease, creating a flawless alignment. The QSR Menu Board Mount allows for tool-less height adjustment and four-corner depth adjustment to alleviate issues with wall imperfections and fine-tuning. The kickstand feature holds the bottom of the display away from the wall during cable connection, reducing installation time and cost. Available in landscape and portrait design options, Peerless-AV offers a one-to-one ordering process, making the QSR Menu Board Mount the perfect mounting solution. The quick connect latch automatically engages the wall plate for a speedy setup. Simple one-to-one ordering process. Open wall plate reduces wall interference. Included security hardware deters tampering and theft. Tool-less four corner depth adjustment aligns the displays on the same plane. Adjustable VESA mounting hole pattern: DS-MBZ642L: up to 880 x 400mm DS-MBZ647L: up to 975 x 400mm DS-MBZ647P: up to 550 x 400mm

Special Purpose Video Wall Mount DS-VWM770

For 46 to 70 Displays The DS-VWM770 Special Purpose Video Wall Mount from Peerless-AV allows designers to take video walls to the next level. Displays attach to the mount in 15-degree increments providing designers with an endless array of design possibilities. Ten points of microadjustment delivers the fine tuning needed to create a seamless video wall appearance. In addition, the mount extends from the wall and pivots for quick and convenient rear display access and servicing. Once finished, simply push the display back where it securely clips in the home position. Display attaches to the mount in 15 increments from 0 360 providing designers with endless creative possibilities. Display extends from the wall allowing the user to easily service the video wall. Ten points of micro adjustment provide precise video wall alignment. Includes security lock out screw to eliminate pull out ability. Accommodates VESA mounting patterns of 300 x 300, 400 x 200, 400 x 300, 400 x 400, 600 x 400mm. Offers up to 90 of swivel for convenient rear access when extended from the wall.

1 1. MULTIPLE MOUNTING ANGLES Provides endless creative possiblilities. 2. PULL-OUT SERVICE ACCESS Provides easy access to the back of the display for maintenance. 1. PRECISION TILT Continuous and fixed tilt op- tions (Increlok) of +15/0 assures that all displays are tilted at the same angle. 2. TOOL-LESS HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT Provides post instal- lation leveling and display alignment. 3. CONNECTING WALL PLATES Creates a continuous mounting surface. 5. CONVENIENT CABLE ACCESS Sturdy kickstand holds the display away from the wall during service. 4. EIGHT-POINT TOOL-LESS MICRO ADJUSTMENT Provides post installation display alignment on the x, y and z axis.


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