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Supreme Full Service Video Wall Mount - For 46" to 60" Displays DS-VW775

Qffsmftt.BWt!Tvqsfnf!Gvmm!Tfswjdf!Wjefp!Xbmm!Npvou! raises the bar of excellence with an enhanced feature set centered on ease of install and display alignment. With the addition of tool-less lateral micro- bekvtunfou-!uif!Tvqsfnf!pggfst!2/6!pg!of!bekvtu- ment on each of the X, Y and Z axis. Serviceability is easier than ever before with single hand pop-out re- lease features on the top and bottom of the mount. Reusable spacers can be used for both portrait and landscape applications resulting in a faster install and mpxfs!dptu/!Foibodfe!dbcmf!nbobhfnfou!bmmpxt! the cables to effortlessly travel in and out with the display, while the quick release accessory provides quick access in recessed applications without risking display damage or searching for hidden pull strings.

Full-Service Video Wall Mount For 40" to 65" Displays DS-VW765-LAND (Landscape)

Modular mount for unlimited video wall display !!!dpohvsbujpot/ !Dvtupn!xbmm!qmbuf!tqbdfst!fmjnjobuf!hvfttxpsl! and on-site installation calculations. Tool-less micro-adjustments at eight points seamlessly align the displays. Displays click securely into place against the wall with spring-loaded mechanism. !Ejtqmbzt!boe!npvout!tju!vti!bhbjotu!uif!xbmm!gps!b! clean side appearance. Pull-out/prop-open mechanism provides quick service access. Integrated cable management tie-backs make display-to-display cabling simple. Included security hardware prevents the mount from extending out from the wall. !Bekvtubcmf!WFTB!npvoujoh!ipmf!qbuufsot!jo! 100mm increments, starting at 200 x 200mm up to 700 x 400mm, additional patterns supported with adapter plates.

2 3 1. NO TOOLS REQUIRED FOR MICRO-ADJUSTMENT 1.5" of travel on each x, y and z axis. 4 5 5. QUICK RELEASE ACCESSORY AVAILABLE Releases a recessed dis- play for service without pressing on the front of the display. 5. NO TOOLS REQUIRED FOR MICRO-ADJUSTMENT Simple, tool-less micro-adjustments at eight points seamlessly align the displays. 3. REUSABLE CUSTOM WALL SPACERS Fmjnjobuf! hvfttxpsl! and on-site installation calculations. 3. OPEN WALL PLATE ARCHITECTURE Allows for total wall access that increases electrical and cable management options. 2. EASY HANG WALL PLATE Dpnqbujcmf! xjui! uif! Qffs- less-AV install app for a sim- qmjfe!jotubmm/


1 4. CONVENIENT SERVICE POP-OUT Quickly release the mount for service with a simple turn of the lever. 4. CLEAN LOOK Integrated cable management tie-backs make display-to-display cabling easier. 2 2. EASY PULL-OUT SERVICE ACCESS Fbtz.up.vtf!qvmm.pvu0qspq.pqfo! mechanism provides quick service access; spring-loaded mechanism securely clicks the display back into place. 1. NO TEDIOUS CALCULATIONS, NO GUESSWORK Dvtupn!xbmm!qmbuf!tqbdfst! eliminate the guesswork and on- site installation calculations. 1 3

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