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Flat/Tilt Universal Ceiling Mount with Media Player Device Storage DST995

For 40" to 95" Displays Uif!ETU::6!Gmbu0Ujmu!Vojwfstbm!Dfjmjoh!Npvou! with Media Player Device Storage offers b!tjohmf.cpy!tpmvujpo!gps!nptu!ejhjubm! signage, medium to large format display installations. This universal solution was de- signed to provide easy access to internal media player storage space without having to remove the display. The ratchet tilt design and swivel adjustments allow the display to be set at the perfect viewing angle for maximum impact. The inclu- sion of internal electrical box mounting holes helps simplify cable management, while the removable rear cover maintains a clean appearance. Security hardware is also provided to help deter tampering and hardware theft. Universal mounting in either portrait or landscape orientation. !Bddpnnpebuft!WFTB!npvoujoh!qbuufsot!pg!311!y!311-!411!y!411-!511!y! !!!311-!511!y!411!boe!511!y!511nn-!BDD.W:11Y!bebqups!bwbjmbcmf!gps!711!y! 400 and 800 x 400mm patterns. !Sbudifu!tuzmf!ujmu!gspn!1!up!26!tjnqmjft!uif!jotubmm/ Available area within mount for housing a computer or media player device 16.00" x 11.00" x 3.25" (406 x 279 x 83mm). Rear cover removed for easy access to the media player without having to remove the display. Internal side and top mounting locations provided for an electrical box. !Dmfbo!eftjho!ijeft!dpnqpofout!boe!dbcmf!gspn!wjfx/ Provided security screws help prevent tampering and theft.

Flat/Tilt Wall Mount with Media Device Storage DST660

For 40" to 60" Flat Panel Displays Designed to hold a display and media device, the DST660 is the ideal low qspmf!tpmvujpo!gps!ejhjubm!tjhobhf!bqqmjdbujpot/!Bo!pqfo!xbmm!qmbuf! for easy outlet access, various tilt options and portrait/landscape ability bee!up!jut!wfstbujmjuz/!Uif!vojwfstbm!eftjho!bddpnnpebuft!WFTB!qbu- terns from 200 x 100 up to 400 x 400mm. For 600 x 400 and 800 x 400mm qbuufsot-!uif!BDD.W911Y!jt!bwbjmbcmf/!Jo!beejujpo-!dpnqpofou!tupsbhf! access is simple with the bottom disengaging design allowing the display to have a negative tilt that enables quick and easy computer maintenance without having to remove the display. !Dpnqbujcmf!xjui!WFTB!npvoujoh!ipmf!qbuufsot!gspn!311!y!211!vq!up! 400 x 400mm. !Bebqufs!qmbuf!dpnqbujcmf!gps!WFTB!qbuufsot!mbshfs!uibo!511!y! 400mm. Display can be mounted in portrait or landscape. !Dpoujovpvt!ujmu!pqujpot!gspn!1.21!ps!yfe!bu!1-!4/6!boe!8/ Accommodates media players up to 12" x 13" x 2.4". The media player can be removed from the bottom if replacement, repair or maintenance is necessary without having to remove the display. Included security hardware deters tampering and loss.

Truss Mount DSF290

For 12" Truss with 2" Outer Diameter Tubing Presenting the ideal mount for rental and staging applications. The DSF290 Truss Mount from Peerless-AV quickly attaches to a 12" truss while accommodating displays up to 90" and 175lbs The tool-less clamping device allows the installer to mount a display in landscape or portrait orientation in a matter of seconds with just a few turns of the clamp ad- kvtunfou!lopc/!Uif!WFTB!dpnqmjbou!bebqupst! can attach directly to the display or to a select hspvq!pg!Qffsmftt.BW!bu-!ujmu-!qjwpu!boe!wjefp!xbmm!npvout! making the DSF290 as versatile as you need it to be. Truss clamp can be quickly attached or removed from a truss without the use of tools. Adjustable to various 12" truss manufacturers. !WFTB!dpnqmjbou!npvoujoh!qbuufsot!gps!buubdijoh!ejsfdumz!up!uif!ejtqmbz/ !Dbo!cf!buubdife!up!uif!usvtt!svoojoh!wfsujdbmmz!ps!ipsj{poubmmz/ !Dpnqbujcmf!xjui!b!tfmfdu!hspvq!pg!Qffsmftt.BW!bu-!ujmu-!qjwpu!boe!wjefp! wall mounts. Ideal for rental and staging applications with repeated set up.

Dual Display Ceiling Mount DST970X2

Evbm!Ejtqmbz!Dfjmjoh!Npvou Uif!ETU:81Y3!Evbm!Ejtqmbz!Dfjmjoh!Npvou!gspn!Qffsmftt.BW!jt!uif! ideal mount for a digital signage application where two displays are required. The heavy gauge steel construction has been designed to effortlessly support two displays from a single column. By doing this, installation time is reduced, costs are lowered, and overall aesthetics are increased. With independent swivel and tilt, each display can set to the optimal position to reach the target audience. The universal adaptors which accommodate mounting hole patterns up to 600 x 400mm is compatible with most displays in the 40"-70" range. Independent swivel and tilt allows each display to be set at the perfect viewing angle. Included universal adaptor plate will accommodate most displays in the 40"-70" range. !Dpnqbujcmf!xjui!bo!fyufotjwf!mjof!pg!Qffsmftt.BW!yfe!mfohui!boe! adjustable extension columns. Simple hook on display attachment makes set-up quick and easy.

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