Big Book OF AV Page 345 Commercial Installation Projectors

WE RECOMMEND COMMERCIAL INSTALLATION PROJECTORS 345 COMMERCIAL INSTALLATION PROJECTORS PowerLite Pro Z Series Z10005UNL Z10000UNL Z9870UNL Z11000WNL Z9900WNL Z11005NL Z9870NL Large-venue Projectors with Uncompromised Image Quality Portrait Mode A creative solution for fashion shows, live performances and virtually any setting requiring projection onto tall, vertical screens or surfaces, Portrait Mode enables you to install the projector on its side for displaying digital signage, screening images or projecting video with portrait orientation. 3D/Stackable Mount Stack two projectors and achieve the ultimate in brightness with twice the lumens. This convenient solution also facilitates bright and affordable passive- 3D presentations and videos that jump off the screen. 360-Degree Projection Take advantage of every surface in the room. Pro Z Series projectors can be rotated 360 degrees, for off-axis positioning flexibility, and are ideal for a wide array of applications, including projecting on the ceiling, on the floor, or as part of a rear-projection system. Corner-Wall Technology Deliver amazing, outside-the-box experiences with corner-wall projection. Project on horizontal walls or vertical walls, or use edge blending and corner-wall projection simultaneously for an even more incredible effect.

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