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The REALiS WUX6600Z LCOS Projector combines long-lasting performance, high brightness, along with a wide range of interchangeable lens options and advanced features in a compact and innovative design. The REALiS WUX6600Z is ideal for higher education, corporate applications, advertising and marketing, houses of worship, simulation and training, museums and galleries and more. Its compact size makes it the perfect choice in difficult locations where durability is crucial. Laser Projection with Simplified Maintenance The laser light source produces an exceptionally long-lasting 20,000*1 hours of continued projection for virtually maintenance free operation and a lower total cost of ownership. A vertical 360 rotation allows convenient, omnidirectional projection as well as portrait orientation, while a quick start up and shut down feature provides clear and bright images almost instantly.

WUX6600Z Pro AV WUX6700 Pro AV LCOS Multimedia Projector

The REALiS WUX6700 LCOS Projector combines exceptional image quality, high brightness and superb quietness at only 27db, along with a wide range of interchangeable lens options and advanced features in an innovative design. The REALiS WUX6700 is ideal for higher education, corporate applications, advertising, marketing, houses of worship, simulation, training, museums, galleries and more. Its low-noise operation makes it especially suitable for quiet environments such as higher education and medical fields. Exceptional High Image Quality Native WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution enables a highly detailed image in a large, widescreen display with both high brightness of 6700 lumens and a high contrast ratio of 2000:1. The REALiS WUX6700 features Canon's own, unique LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology with AISYS- enhancement, producing virtually seamless images with outstanding color reproduction and saturation. Advanced color management tools also allow independent color adjustment for highly detailed color control.. Flexible Installation The REALiS WUX6700 offers a center lens design and is compatible with six interchangeable Genuine Canon lens options. These lenses provide consistent brightness and superior stability for a variety of applications and can be fitted easily, in seconds, thanks to their convenient spigot design. The six lenses include the Ultra Short Fixed RS-SL06UW lens, which is compatible with Marginal Focus for accurate projection onto a curved surface, and features a throw ratio of 0.54:1 with a generous lens shift (-15% - 75% vertical, 30% horizontal).



Resolution WUXGA 1920 x 1200 Display Device 0.71" LCD (LCOS) x 3 WUX6600Z Brightness 6600 Lumens WUX6700 Brightness 6700 Lumens

WUX6600Z Contrast Ratio

4000:1 / 20,000:1 (Dynamic)

WUX6700 Contrast Ratio

2000:1 Aspect Ratio 16:10, Supports 16:9, 4:3 Throw Ratio (Varies on Lens) Image Size (Varies on Lens) Throw Distance (Varies on Lens) WUX6600Z Weight 37.4lbs WUX6700 Weight 28.6lbs Included Accessories Projector Remote Controller RS-RC07, Batteries , Lens Cap, Power Cable, User's Manual/Installation Manual, User's Manual (CD-ROM), Warranty Card.

DVI HDMI RS-232 VGA 3.5mm Screen Trigger Display Port HDBaseT

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