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COMMERCIAL INSTALLATION PROJECTORS 377 COMMERCIAL INSTALLATION PROJECTORS Featured Product Chameleon GB-200 Is a powerful and intuitive image blending and warp g pro e or that p y to merge overlapping edges of two or more projected images ting a sea less single i ag A cost effective auto blend option enables a perfectly amless 2 channel blend in minutes. Each GB-200 is equipped with two channels and is positioned inline between the input source (PC) and the projector. The GB-200 has the ability to pre-cut a single image to form a seamless picture of up to a 2x2 projection array, making your installation quicker and easier. With the help of a multi output graphic card, more complex arrays are not a barrier for the GB-200. Resolutions including 1080p and WUXGA are supported via VGA, DVI and HDMI connections. Colour, black level and gamma correction are included to take on the challenges faced when blending multiple projectors. High resolution blending and warping 1920x1200 per output Cost effective dual channel Auto blending option Black level adjustment & colour correction Geometric correction for off-axis projection & stacking Specifications Output resolution (per channel) XGA60Hz, WXGA60Hz, 1080p 30/50/60Hz* and WUXGA 60Hz, AP: Support Win 7 OS I/O Connectors Power Switch HDMI Input x 2, DVI-D x 2 (Supporting HDCP) HDMI Output x 2,VGA Output x 2 Control Interface: LAN control x 2 ports, via LAN hub Static IP. RS-232 for control x 1 (For debugging only) Power supply interface :DC 19V power portx1 Operating Noise 26 dB (typical) / 28 dB (Max ) Power Consumption AC 100 ~ 240V 50/60Hz / 32W -110VAC (Power Adapter) Dimensions (W x D x H) / Weight 42.85 cm x 19.85 cm x 4.35 cm/ 1.9 Kg (4.185 pounds) Auto blending 30 days trial license (included on CD). Full version available separately. Please visit for more information. Accessories Power cable, External Power Supply, User Manual / QSG / software CD (Manual blend/warp tool), Rack-mount ears. GB-200 Chameleon GB-200 image blending and war ing processor Edge blending using GB-200 to pre-cut the image Edge Blending from a PC with a multi-output Graphics card to pre-cut image ing p creat y se posit ping processor processor that provides the ability to merge ting a seamless single image. amless 2 channel blend in minutes. tioned inline between the input source (PC) and Overlap GB200 Input source HDMI splitter PC + multi-output graphics card Clone source Output source Overlap

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