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Resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 Display Device 0.65" DMD Brightness 6125 Lumens Contrast Ratio 6000:1 Aspect Ratio 16:10, Supports 4:3 Throw Ratio Varies By Lens Image Size Varies By Lens Throw Distance Varies By Lens Weight 47.06lbs (21.35kg) Included Accessories IR Remote w/ Wired Remote Jack (Wire Not Included), AC Line Cord for Projector Head, User Manual.

Christie DHD635-GS FULL HD 1DLP Projector

Design and build impressive multi-projector displays with the Christie DHD635-GS. Featuring built-in warping, blending and color matching, this laser phosphor projector makes setting-up blended arrays quick and easy. Offering 360-degree orientation, portrait mode and 24/7 operation, the DHD635-GS will quickly become a go-to projector for small-to-medium displays. With its long-lasting and low-maintenance 1DLP laser phosphor light source and featuring Christie RealBlack technology, the DHD635-GS is perfect for showcasing your content in its best light. Features: Built-in warp, blend and color matching - quickly and easily set up multi-projector arrays. High brightness - Advanced, highly efficient laser light source for 6,125 ISO lumens of light output. Unbeatable contrast - Christie RealBlack technology produces an incredible 4,000,000:1 full on/off contrast ratio. Range of lenses - Compatible with all GS Series lenses, including the Ultra Short Throw (UST) lens. Whisper quiet - A very quiet noise rating of 36dBA allows it to be placed anywhere in the room without being a distraction. Compact and light - One of the smallest and lightest projectors in its brightness class. 24/7 operation - 1DLP reliability ideal for high usage environments.

Christie DHD635-GS

(Available in black or white)

Christie G and GS Series Optional Lenses

140-119102-XX 0.75-0.95:1 Zoom Lens 140-101103-XX 0.95-1.22:1 Zoom Lens 140-100102-XX 1.22-1.52:1 Zoom Lens 140-102104-XX 1.52-2.89:1 Zoom Lens 140-107109-XX 2.90-5.50:1 Zoom Lens

Christie DHD635 GS FULL HD 1DLP Pr

6125 Lumens

RCA Video VGA HDMI RS-232 Ethernet DVI USB Remote Display Port HDBaseT SDI Component

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