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Resolution WUXGA 1920 x 1200 Display Device 3LCD Brightness 7000 Lumens Contrast Ratio 50,000:1 Aspect Ratio 16:10, Supports 4:3 Throw Ratio 1.26 - 2.3 Image Size 30" - 300" Throw Distance NA Weight 19.8lbs Included Accessories Power Cable, VGA Cable, Remote, Batteries, EasyMP Software, User's Manual, PrivateLine Card, Password Protection Sticker

PowerLite Pro G7905U 3LCD Installation WUXGA Projector w/ 4K Enhancement

The Pro G7400U large-venue projector delivers uncompromising image quality and native WUXGA performance with Epson 4K Enhancement Technology. Offering 3x higher color brightness than competitive models, Epson 3LCD projectors ensure vivid images. Ideal for events staging, auditoriums and sanctuaries, the reliable G7905U features 7000 lumens of color brightness and 7000 lumens of white brightness. Innovative 4K Enhancement Technology ensures extraordinary image and video quality, while dynamic projection capabilities enable a range of applications. And, its outstanding integration features include diverse connectivity such as HDBaseT and nine optional powered lenses with lens shift and lens memory (standard lens included). Revolutionary 4K Enhancement Technology accepts 4K input, allowing viewers to experience the most intricate details. This feature also enhances the 1080p signal for output that surpasses Full HD image quality, without visible stair- stepping or pixel gaps. From tiny text to the smallest architectural feature, you'll see every incredible detail. Features:

3x brighter colors and reliable performance - 3LCD, 3-chip technology. One measurement of brightness is not enough - look for both high color brightness and high white brightness. The PowerLite Pro G7905W has: Color Brightness:7000 Lumens White Brightness: 7000 Lumens Exceptional Full HD widescreen display - native WUXGA (1920 x 1200) with 4K Enhancement (3840 x 2160) for presentations, videos, digital signage and more. Nine optional interchangeable lenses - with powered lens shift and lens memory, including an ultra short-throw lens for shallow spaces (standard lens included). Versatile connectivity - supports the full range of inputs, including HDBaseT, HDMI, DVI-D, VGA and 5-BNC, for easy integration with any system. Advanced collaboration features - simultaneously project side-by-side from different sources with Split Screen. Web-based remote management - control and monitor projector status via a Web browser. Multi-PC Projection - connect up to 50 Windows, Mac, iOS or Android devices and display up to four screens simultaneously over the network (controlled via the Moderator function). Dynamic projection capabilities - advanced built-in Edge Blending, image warping and curved-surface correction technologies for a variety of applications.

PowerLite Pro G7905W/ G7905WNL

(No Lens)

Large-Venue Projector with 4K Enhancement, Powered Lenses and HDBaseT

SC-F106CW169 106" Fixed Fram Screen This Mustang's fixed frame projection screen is easily assembled and installed. This Mustang's fixed frame projection screen offers a clean line design that also delivers top-of-the-line performance. 106" Diagonal Size 96" x 54" Physical Dimensions 16:9 Home Theater Aspect Ratio Cinema White Surface

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RGBHV VGA HDMI RS-232 3.5mm Ethernet USB Remote HDBaseT DVI

7000 Lumens

MPJ-2KS - Suspended Ceiling Projector Kit with MPJ-2 Universal Adapter Complete projector mount kit with suspended ceiling adapter. Three adjustable drop lengths (6" to 11", 12" to 18", 18" to 24"). Ideal for projectors weighing up to 50lbs. Built-in roll, pitch and yaw adjustments make alignment fast and easy. Quick release mechanism allows projector to be easily removed for service. Compatible with all 1.5 NPT threaded pipe. Max Mounting Pattern: 16.9" (430mm) Diameter Pitch: (Up/Down) +/- 25 / Roll: (Side to Side) +/- 6 / Rotation: (Yaw) 360 ts make easily w) 360

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