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Hitachi America, Ltd, Business Solutions Group is the world's leading manufacturer of LCD projectors, providing complete solutions for any application and room size. Hitachi's line of projectors provide a variety of options for markets that include corporate, education and SOHO/home office. Additionally, Hitachi projectors offer end-users the lowest cost of ownership in the industry, thanks to ease of installation, customer service and intuitive operability. Many Hitachi projectors offer wireless connectivity, enabling a PC to connect to a projector without the need for a LAN (Ethernet) input. This is advantageous in situations where multiple people must present from their own laptops, or when users need to connect to the projector in a short amount of time. Wireless technology allows projectors to be true "plug and play" components. With Hitachi's proprietary PJMan projector management software, the user can easily monitor the status of the projector (or many projectors), as power on/off, input source as well as lamp/filter hours and condition are all on display. The networking capabilities found in Hitachi projectors also contribute to added security functionality. With Hitachi's proprietary projector image tool (PJImg) technology, AV/ IT administrators can transfer still images, such as emergency alerts, from a PC to each projector on the network. When the "My Image" function is utilized, the images are automatically displayed on all the projectors, including ones that are not in use at the time. This is ideal for applications in which multiple projectors are networked across a large space, such as a school, campus or large corporate environment.


Hitachi projectors are ideal for education because of their of use, portability and networking functionality. Hitachi provides solutions for every education environment, from intimate classrooms to lecture halls that seat hundreds of students. Advanced security functionality offers state-of-the-art theft prevention and emergency notification features.


The high brightness and stunning resolution of Hitachi LCD projectors provide theater-quality video for the world's most advanced media facilities. Hitachi projectors offer the best and most reliable color reproduction on the market. Moreover, Hitachi projectors are extremely lightweight and easy to set up, with no sacrifice in performance.


Hitachi projectors offer a combination of performance and versatility, allowing multiple presenters to connect to the projector while delivering brightness to accommodate presentation environments of different sizes. Hitachi projectors provide an optimal combination of power and portability, allowing you to deliver a dynamic presentation and take it with you.

Eco-Friendly Efforts

To minimize our impact on the environment, Hitachi is working on reducing the content of specified chemical substances in its products. Lead-free soldering of printed circuit boards. No use of hexavalent chromium in screws and steel plates. No use of vinyl chloride in mechanical parts. Use of non-halogen flame retardants in cabinets.

Advanced Specs Cut Energy Consumption

Hitachi provides long-lasting products through repeated testing and works on minimizing its impact on the environment with designs that contribute to energy saving and CO


reduction. Power Saving Mode reduces stand-by power consumption to less than 5W. Eco Mode conserves power in certain usage conditions.

"Inspire the Next"

refers to Hitachi being a breath of air that will infuse the next generation and future societies, and expresses our attitude of applying the "pioneering spirit" of the Hitachi Group to confront the challenges of that next generation. The "Brand Platform" states the intention that, "Hitachi intends to be the catalyst for a changing society. As society changes, so will Hitachi." This statement embodies Hitachi's intention to continually transform itself through constant innovation as we move into the next generation.

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