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WE RECOMMEND COMMERCIAL INSTALLATION PROJECTORS 421 INPUTS/OUTPUTS: SPECIFICATIONS: Resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 Display Device 0.65" DarkChip3 DMD DLP Brightness 4000 Lumens Contrast Ratio 20,000:1 Aspect Ratio 16:9, Supports 4:3 Throw Ratio 0.25:1 Image Size 2.0 - 2.5m (80"-100") Throw Distance 0.45 - 0.59m (17.7"-23.2) Weight 10.5lbs (4.78kg) Included Accessories VGA Cable, Remote, Batteries, CD-ROM, Quick Start Card, Warranty Card, and AC Power Cord. RCA Video Ethernet RS-232 VGA HDMI 3.5mm Stereo Screen Trigger USB EH320UST 1080p Ultra Short Throw DLP Projector Optoma's 1080p ultra short throw projector, the EH320UST, is perfect for businesses, schools and colleges. It is bright (4,000 lumens) and a throw ratio of 0.25:1 means that it can project a 100" image from just 55cm away. And having the projector installed so close to the screen avoids any shadows being cast across the screen from the presenter(s). It provides a complete package for engaging learning with many new features, including two HDMI inputs, powered USB port, powerful 16W built-in speaker, improved lamp life, compact chassis and a completely new mounting system for a fast and simple set-up. 1080p resolution gives you sharp and detailed images from HD content without downscaling or compression; perfect for watching Blu-Ray movies, HD broadcasting and playing video games. With an ultra-short throw lens, you can project an impressive image greater than 100" from just 55cm away. This allows you to place the projector closer to the wall, reducing shadows so you can present with ease. Optoma projectors can display true 3D content from almost any 3D source, including 3D Blu-Ray players, 3D broadcasting and the latest generation games consoles. Support for 144Hz rapid refresh rate provides ultra-smooth flicker free images. EH320UST 3D SYNC 4000 Lumens Full HD Elite Full HD WXGA Resolution: WXGA 1280 x 800 Brightness: 3200 Lumens Contrast: 100,000:1 Image: 85-115" Resolution: Full HD 1920 x 1080 Brightness: 4000 Lumens Contrast: 20,000:1 Image: 85-115" Resolution: Full HD 1920 x 1080 Brightness: 3500 Lumens Contrast: 18,000:1 Image: 85-115" EH320UST EH319UST ZW300UST PROFESSIONAL ULTRA SHORT THROW SERIES COMPARISON Featured Product Look for the latest from Optoma at Short Throw, Dual Stud Wall Mount Kit WP22US Extension: 2.38-39.12" (6-99cm) Leveling: 4 Weight Capacity: 25lbs (11.3kg) Lateral Shift: 1.75" (44mm) (Includes RSMAUS Mini Projector Mount)

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