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WE RECOMMEND MOBILE / PORTABLE PROJECTORS 434 MOBILE / PORTABLE PROJECTORS LampFree Projectors GO LampFree and Save Slim Core 4K Ultra HD All Casio LampFree Projectors are backed by an industry leading three year parts and labor warranty with up to 6000 hours on the light source. And select models are covered for five years or 10,000 hours on the light source. LampFree projectors incorporate Casio's unique laser and LED technology to produce images of impressive brightness and color purity that outlast conventional mercury lamp projectors with an amazing lifespan of up to 20,000 hours. Save money year after year with reduced electricity consumption and no lamps or filters to replace. All LampFree projectors are made in Japan and are TAA compliant. LampFree No Lamps to Replace No Filters to Replace Long Life up to 20,000 Hours of Operation Mercury Free Environmentally Friendly Lower Power Consumption Stress Free Instant Off - No Cool Down Needed Quick On - Full Brightness In 5 - 8 Seconds Less Down Time Minimal Maintenance RELIABLE and BUILT to LAST LampFree 20,000 Hour Life/Low Operating Cost Stress Free No Lamp Replacement or Downtime Mercury Free ECO Friendly Ultra Short Throw Advanced 20 0 Advanced 20 0 Advanced

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