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Resolution WUXGA 1920 x 1200 Display Device 0.67" DLP DarkChip3 Brightness 6200 Lumens Contrast Ratio 4400:1 Aspect Ratio 16:10, Supports 4:3 Throw Ratio Varies by Lens Image Size 50"-300" Throw Distance Varies by Lens Weight 30.6lbs (13.9kg) Included Accessories VGA Cable, Remote, Batteries, CD-ROM, Quick Start Card, Warranty Card, WEEE Card and AC Power Cord.

WU630 WUXGA ProScene DLP Projector

The Optoma ProScene WU630 represents the latest addition to the line-up of exceptionally reliable installation projectors. Native WUXGA resolution and 6200 lumens combine with a 4400:1 contrast ratio to deliver sharp, punchy images. Motorized lens shift, zoom and focus ensures simple, stress-free installation, while the three-position lens memory allows for quick and easy scene changes. The lens range encompasses five high-quality options, from wide focus through to extra long zoom, allowing the WU630 to adapt to almost any installation scenario. Designed with the AV professional in mind, the WU630 includes connectivity for HDMI, DVI-D and 5 BNC. The newly redesigned remote control unit has backlit keys for easy operation in dimly-lit environments. Certified for 24/7 operation, the projector supports 360 installation (across its vertical axis), making it capable of projecting directly onto a floor or ceiling. The Optoma ProScene WU630 is designed for continuous 24/7 operation. Only the most reliable, industry proven components are used to ensure superior reliability. This hard-earned "capability" has been meticulously developed over a decade of designing and supporting millions of projectors the world over. ProScene customers can therefore be confident that, as one of the most reliable projector brands in the industry today, Optoma has a reputation for service excellence that is well deserved. When detail really matters, WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels) offers 15% more image area than 1080p and 60% more than SXGA+. This enables unscaled Full HD video and extra detail. Time code information can be displayed on-screen at the same time, perfect for soundtrack recording and video editing editing where precise timing can be critical. Key Features: WUXGA 6200 Lumens Motorised Lens Shift With Lens Memory Five Lens Options 24/7 and 360 Operation Exemplary Service


6200 Lumens

RGBHV Ethernet HDMI RS-232 VGA DVI RCA Video Screen Trigger BX-CTA15 Short Zoom Throw Ratio: 0.75 - 0.95 Zoom Ratio: 1.26x BX-CTA16 Ultra-Short Throw Throw Ratio: 0.36 Focal Length: 9.49 - 9.55 BX-CAA01 Wide Zoom Throw Ratio: 0.95 - 1.22 Zoom Ratio: 1.28x BX-CAA03 Long Zoom Throw Ratio: 1.52 - 2.92 Zoom Ratio: 1.9x BX-CTADOME Dome Projection Lens Focal Length: 3.23mm EFL Lens Zoom: Fixed BX-CAA02 Standard Throw Ratio: 1.22 - 1.53 Zoom Ratio: 1.25x BX-CTA13 Extra-Long Zoom Throw Ratio: 2.90 - 5.50 Zoom Ratio: 1.9x

ZU650+, ZU850, WU630 and ZU1050 Lenses

M ! - Interchangeable Lens

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