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Carry-on bag for ultra-portable projectors. Top loading padded compartment fits projector and laptop for projectors 3" high or less. Without laptop, projector can be up to 5" tall. Special pockets for remote control, cords and cables. Back panel strap for attaching to pull out handle of wheeled luggage.

JEL-513CB / JEL-616CB Padded Carry Bag

Use for projectors or optional lens. Injection molded, copolymer plastic construction. 1" layers of commercial grade foam (not cube foam). Watertight, airtight, dustproof.


(other models also available)

Molded Shipping Cases with DIY Customizable Foam

Roller bag for projector and laptop. Three stage extension handle up to 44". Made of high quality ballistic nylon. Meets airline carry-on restrictions.

JEL-3325ER Executive Roller Bag

ABS plastic case with buckles and nylon straps closures. Includes tilt wheels and extension handle. Foam interior designed to protect specific equipment model. Generous sized accessory space for remote, cords, and more.

NSBS-Y (Other models also available) Non-ATA Storage Case for Projector

New - Positionable Divider Wheeled bag for projector with zip-off removable laptop case. Most models meet airline carry-on restrictions. Laptop case is checkpoint friendly. Comfort grip extension handle locks at up to 43".


(other models also available)

RP Padded Hard Side Travel Cases

High impact ABS plastic over industrial grade plywood frame with steel corners, and aluminum trim. Foam interior designed to protect specific equipment model. Includes combination lock. Generous-size accessory compartment holds cords, cables, and remote control.

ATA Cases for Projectors

Call for ATA Case Models

Projector Travel and Shipping Cases

When you need to safely transport your sensitive electronic equipment down the hall, on the battlefield, or across the country, choose JELCO. Our selection of travel cases give options for projector only, including a laptop or other equipment, as well as compartments for cords, remotes, and other accessories. When it comes to ATA cases, JELCO understands that every projector model is different which is why every ATA case is fully lined with industrial grade foam specifically designed to protect your particular projector model. A generous-size accessory compartment holds the cords, cables, and remote control, as well as other needed items. Don't leave the safety of your investment to your transportation handler. JELCO ATA cases are built to ATA category 300 specifications to provide years of service.


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