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SCREENS FOR PROJECTORS 545 STRONGER, FASTER, SIMPLER THE NEW FAST-FOLD NXT Viewing Area H x W Nominal Diagonal Size Surface Part Number 52" x 92" 106" HD Rental NSCH52X92 58" x 98" N/A HD Rental (Wrap Around) NSCW58X98 58" x 92" 109" HD Rental NSCH58X92 65" x 116" 133" HD Rental NSCH65X116 79" x 140" 159" HD Rental NSHCH79X140 85" x 146" N/A HD Rental (Wrap Around) NSCW85X146 90" x 160" 184" HD Rental NSCH90X160 100" x 160" 198" HD Rental NSCH100X160 108" x 196" 220" HD Rental NSCH108X192 114" x 198" N/A HD Rental (Wrap Around) NSCW114X198 Da-Lite Fast-Fold Screens and portable projection stands are made to take the rigors of constant set up and tear down yet retain their good looks and performance for years. All Fast-Fold products setup easily without tools for the ultimate in convenience. ELECTRIC SCREEN CONTROLLER OPTIONS AVAILABLE Screen Models Suffix Control Option (Tensionsed & Non-Tensioned) Cosmopolitan , Designer Contour L Low Voltage Control Advantage R SCB-100 (RS-232 Control) Advantage M SCB-200 (RS-232 Control w/ Positioning) Cosmopolitan , and Boardroom, S Silent Motor Tensioned Cosmopolitan NOTE: The Silent Motor is a standard feature on Tensioned Advantage screens. Cosmopolitan , LS Silent Motor with Tensioned Cosmopolitan Low Voltage Control ELECTRIC AND MANUAL SCREEN ACCESSORIES Screen Part Models Number Description Cosmopolitan (up to 180" diag.), 77027 White Floating Model C Mounting Bracket Tensioned Cosmopolitan 77028 Black Floating (up to 180" diag.), Mounting Bracket Cosmopolitan 96382 Ceiling Trim Kit for Screens 8' W and under Cosmopolitan 96383 Ceiling Trim Kit for Screens over 8' W up to 10' W Cosmopolitan 96384 Ceiling Trim Kit for Screens over 10' W up to 12' W 77028 77027 96382, 96383, 96384 Da-Lite Screen Accessories: Optional floating mounting brackets allow the screen to be mounted onto wall or ceiling studs and aligned left or right after installation by releasing two sets of screws. Available in black or white. Veneer can also be added to match a veneer case. This next generation of rental screens from Da-Lite features a re-invented design that encompasses every aspect of the product - from the strength of the extrusion, to the ease of set up and tear down, to the optic capabilities of the surface. We interviewed customers all over the world to incorporate an unprecedented number of upgrades that make a difference in ways that matter. The result: A rental screen that's stronger, faster and simpler.

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