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SCREENS FOR PROJECTORS 546 Draper Inc. is headquartered in Spiceland, Indiana, a village of 800 people located 40 miles east of Indianapolis, Indiana. The company was founded by Luther O. Draper in 1902 to manufacture window shades for schools, and that was Drapers primary product for NEARLY 60 years. In 1957, DRAPER secured a patent on an inexpensive classroom projection screen, marking OUR entry into the screen business. Today, projection screens and related products are ONE OF the largest componentS of Drapers business. THIS includeS rear projection display systems, video projector mounts and lifts, plasma display mounts and lifts, and presentation easels. In 1989 Draper introduced FlexShade Systems, a second line of window shades designed for the commercial market. In 1994 DRAPER entered the gymnasium equipment market. Today, the companys gymnasium equipment products include basketball backstops, gym dividers, wall pads, volleyball equipment, batting cages and wrestling mat hoists. In addition to its Spiceland, Indiana, headquarters, Draper, Inc. has sales offices LOCATED ACross the world. THe company also has three wholly owned subsidiaries: Draper Group Ltd., a sales and warehouse facility in THE United Kingdom, and two manufacturing companies in Sweden: Draper Europe AB, a leading European projection screen manufacturer, and SMS Smart Media Solutions AB, a leading European provider of video projector and flat screen mounts. DRAPER is STILL owned and managed by descendants of Luther O. Draper and has enjoyed steady growth for OVER 115 years. Draper products are shipped to dealers throughout the United States and more than 100 foreign countries. Manufacturing INNOVATION since 1902 Other Product Options Available from Draper On request The wide choice of standard screen materials including high contrast, high and low gain, acoustically transparent fabrics. Our range of premium TecVision tensioned screen materials for more demanding applications. TecVision materials are 8K ready and ISF approved. Screens can be supplied to custom specific sizes, e.g. non-standard image areas and / or extended black drop. A large selection of projector lifts and mounts that offer different designs, physical footprint, travel distances and carrying capacities.

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