Big Book OF AV Page 566 Projector Lamps and Lenses

PROJECTOR LAMPS AND LENSES 566 Optimum performance, but at a high price. The manufacturer's choice. Supplied by Just Lamps. Performs as original. Reliability from the number one brand in lighting. Supplied by Just Lamps. For use where budgets are limited. Supplied by Just Lamps. Cheap and unreliable, little quality control. Not supplied or recommended by Just Lamps. HIGH 100% EXCELLENT LOW MEDIUM 3 MONTHS Typical 100% EXCELLENT GOOD HIGH 30% t o 50% 75% t o 85% POOR TO AVERAGE MEDIUM MONTHS Picture Quality Original inside Original inside Lamp Life Lamp Type Buy Price Overall Value Lamp Warranty Projector Warranty When to Use 6 MONTHS Performs as original. Lower price with extended warranty. Use when budget and performance are important. Supplied by Just Lamps. 100% EXCELLENT Original inside HIGH LOW MEDIUM 6 MONTHS HIGH LOW MEDIUM 12 MONTHS Compatible Copy Copy Lamps HIGH LOW MEDIUM LOW OEM LAMPS G E NUI N E A P R O V E D L O W M EDIU M H I G H L O W M EDIU M H I G H L O W M EDIU M H I G H 1-3 MONTHS W A RR A N T Y W A R RA N T Y 3 MONTHS W A RR A N T Y W A R RA N T Y 6 MONTHS W A RR A N T Y W A R RA N T Y Example Lamp Comparison PROJECTOR MANUFACTURER'S LAMP (OEM) TYPICAL COMPATIBLE LAMP Picture Quality Lamp Warranty Running Cost Lamp Life Projector Warranty Diamond Lamps buys all its bulbs directly from the World's leading bulb manufacturers (Philips, Osram, Ushio and Phoenix). Comparative hourly costs based on typical pricing and average lamp-life Life of lamp compared to spec. sheet lamp-life for the projector model

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