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PROJECTOR LAMPS AND LENSES 567 Diamond Lamps has a unique set of agreements to buy bulbs directly from the original manufacturers, the same companies (Philips, Osram, Phoenix, Ushio, etc.) that supply the bulbs to all of the world's projector manufacturers and hold the patents for the lamp technologies behind them. We assemble their bulbs into our own precisely-engineered, high quality cages. The resulting Diamond Lamps modules are guaranteed to fit perfectly into each projector and to give optimum performance and lifetime. We offer Diamond Lamps modules to fit over 6,000 projector models new and old from all the projector manufacturers and each one is covered by a comprehensive 6 month warranty. Diamond Lamps delivers exactly the same performance as lamps bought as replacements under the original projector brands yet, thanks to our direct bulb purchasing and fewer steps to market, they are typically priced 20% to 50% lower cost. The Diamond Lamp option should be an obvious choice for any projector owner, offering improved value with no associated compromise. D Diamond Lamps ha D Dia amond Lamps h VALUE WITHOUT COMPROMISE 3D PERCEPTION HMR-15:PZ30SX:PZ30X:SX 15e:SX 15i:SX 30 BASIC:SX 30e:SX 30i:SX 40:X 15e:X 15i:X 30 BASIC:X 30e:X 30i 313-400-0003-00-DL SX60 HA R9801272-DL SX+42:SX 42:SX 40+e R9801270-DL SX 22 R9801265-DL 3M MP8670:MP8745:MP8755:MP8770 EP1635-DL / 78-6969-8919-9-DL MP8765:X65 EP8765LK-DL / 78-6969-9547-7-DL X70 78-6969-9718-4-DL X80 78-6969-9719-2-DL S55i:X55i 78-6969-9861-2-DL X90:X90W 78-6969-9893-5-DL DMS-800:DMS-810:DMS-815:DMS- 865:DMS-878:S800:S815 78-6969-9880-2-DL / 800 LK-DL X64:X66:X64w 78-6969-9917-2-DL DX70 78-6969-9918-0-DL / LKDX70-DL X95 78-6969-9930-5-DL X76:WX66 78-6969-9947-9-DL WX36:X30:X30N:X31:X35N:X36:X46 78-6972-0008-3-DL / DT01025-DL X95i 78-6969-9998-2-DL X56 78-6972-0050-5-DL / DT01175-DL WX36i:X46i:X31i:X36i 78-6972-0118-0-DL X21i:X26i 78-6972-0106-5-DL ACER PD116P:PD116PD:PD523:PD525:PD525D EC.J1001.001-DL PD725:PD725P EC.J0901.001-DL PD100:PD120:PD120P:PD120PD:PD100P- D:PD100P:XD1250P:PD120D:PD100D:XD- 1170D:XD1270D:PD100S EC.J2101.001-DL PH112:PD123P:PD115 EC.J2302.001-DL PD726W:PD727:PD727W:PW730:PD726 EC.J2901.001-DL ACER H5350:X1160:X1160P:X1160PZ:X- 1160Z:X1260:X1260P:XD1160:XD1160Z EC.J5600.001-DL X1130:X1130P:X1230:X1230K:X1230P- K:X1230S:X1230PS EC.J9000.001-DL X110:X1161:X1261 EC.K0100.001-DL X1110:X1110A:X1210:X1210K:X1210S EC.K3000.001-DL X1161P:X1261P:X110P EC.JBU00.001-DL ANDERS KERN DXL 7030 11357030-DL ANTHEM LTX 500V:LTX 300V BHL-5010-S-DL ASK A2 LAMP-009-DL C130:C110 SP-LAMP-018-DL C160:C180 SP-LAMP-017-DL C200 SP-LAMP-006-DL C440 SP-LAMP-015-DL C460:C450 SP-LAMP-016-DL C445:C445+ SP-LAMP-027-DL C310:C250:C250W:C315 SP-LAMP-026-DL A1100:A1200:A1300 SP-LAMP-039-DL C500 SP-LAMP-038-DL BARCO RLM W6 R9832749-DL / R9832747-DL RLM W12 R9801087-DL CVWU-31B:CVHD-31B R9801265-DL CRWQ-62B:CNWU-61B:CN- HD-81B:CRPN-62B:CRWQ-72B:CN- WU-81B:CRPN-52B R9801272-DL PROJECTOR MODEL LAMP NUMBER PROJECTOR MODEL LAMP NUMBER

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