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PLUS U5-201:U5-111:U5-112:U5-132:U5- 232:U5-512:U5-532:U5-632:U5-732:U5- 200:U5-332:U5-432 28-050-DL U5-632H:U5-732H:U5-532H:U5-512H:U5- 201H 28-030-DL U6-132 000-056-DL PROJECTIONDESIGN ACTION 05:ACTION 05 MKII:ACTION 1:ACTION 1 MKII:ACTION 1 MKIII:CINEO MK II:CINEO MK III:EVO:EVO+:F1:F1 SXGA:F1 SXGA-6:F1 XGA:F1 XGA-6:F1+ SXGA:F1+ XGA:F1+ XGA WIDE:CINEO 1 R9801267-DL / 400-0003-00-DL ACTION 2:ACTION M20:AVIELO PRIS- MA:AVIELO QUANTUM:CINEO 20:CINEO 22:EVO2:EVO2 SX+:EVO20 SX+:EVO22 SX+:F2:F2 SX+:F20:F20 SX+:F20 SX+ Medical:F21:F22:F22 1080:F22 SX+:F22 WUXGA R9801265-DL / 400-0402-00-DL AVIELO OPTIX 1080:CINEO 3 1080:CINEO 3+:CINEO 3+ 1080:CINEO 30 1080:CI- NEO 30 720:CINEO 32:CINEO 35:F3 SX+ (300w):F3 SXGA+ (300w):F3 XGA (300w):F3+:F3+ SX+:F3+ SXGA:F3+ SXGA+ (300w):F3+ XGA:F30 (300w):F30 1080p:F30 SX+:F32 1080p:F32 SX+:F32 WUXGA:F35 WQXGA R9801272-DL / 400-0400-00-DL / 400- 0500-00-DL AVIELO RADIANCE:CINEO 10:CINEO 12 (300w):F1 SX+ (300w):F1+ SXGA+ (300w):F10 1080:F10 SX+:F10 WUX- GA:F12 (300w):F12 1080:F12 SX+:F12 WUXGA (300w) R9801270-DL / 400-0401-00-DL PROMETHEAN PRM10:XE-40:PRM20 PRM10 LAMP-DL PRM25 PRM25 LAMP-DL PRM30:PRM30A PRM30 LAMP-DL PRM35:PRM32 5811116713-DL EST-P1 5811116635-DL PROXIMA DP6500X SP-LAMP-006-DL DP6850:DP6850 + LAMP-017-DL DP8400x SP-LAMP-015-DL DP8500x SP-LAMP-016-DL DP9295 SP-LAMP-011-DL DP5400x:DP6400x SP-LAMP-017-DL DP9790 610 300 0862-DL SAGEM MDP 1600 SLP505-DL MDP 2000S SLP514-DL / 253039956-DL SANYO PLC-SU50S (Chassis SU50S00):PLC- SU50S (Chassis SU50S01):PLC-XU- 25A:PLC-XL20 (Chassis XL2001):PLC- XU55 (Chassis XU5502):PLC-XU56 (Chassis XU5600):PLC-XU50 (Chassis XU5002):PLC-XU50 (Chas- sis XU5003):PLC-XE20 (Chassis XE2001):PLC-SL20:PLC-SU50 (Chassis SU5000):PLC-SU50 (Chassis SU5001):PLC-SU51 610-307-7925-DL / LMP65-DL PLC-SU35:PLC-SU37:PLC-SU38:PLC- XU37:PLC-XU38:PLC-XU30:PLC- XU31:PLC-XU32:PLC-XU33:PLC- XU35:PLC-SU30:PLC-SU31:PLC- SU32:PLC-SU33 610-293-2751-DL / LMP35-DL PLC-XU74:PLC-XU83:PLC-XU84:PLC- XU86:PLC-XU87:PLC-SU70:PLC- WXE45:PLC-WXE46:PLC-WXL46:PLC- XE40:PLC-XE45:PLC-XL40:PLC-XL45:PLC- XU73 610-323-0726-DL / 610-332-3855-DL / LMP90-DL / LMP106-DL PLC-SW10:PLC-SW15:PLC-XW10:PLC- XW15 610-289-8422-DL / LMP31-DL / 610-285- 2912-DL PLC-UF15:PLC-XF42:PLC-XF45 610-300-0862-DL / LMP49-DL PLC-XE20 (Chassis XE2000):PLC- XL20 (Chassis XL2000):PLC- XT15KS:PLC-XT15KU:PLC-XU25:PLC- XU47:PLC-XU48:PLC-XU50 (Chassis XU5000):PLC-XU50 (Chassis XU5001):PLC-XU51:PLC-XU55 (Chassis XU5501):PLC-XU58 610-309-2706-DL / LMP55-DL PLC-XF35:PLC-XF35L 610-301-6047-DL / LMP52-DL PLC-EF60:PLC-EF60A:PLC-XF60:PLC- XF60A 610-315-7689-DL / LMP80-DL PLC-XP41:PLC-XP41L:PLC-XP46:PLC- XP46L 610-297-3891-DL / LMP47-DL / 610-318- 4821-DL / LMP87-DL PLC-XT10 (Chassis XT1001):PLC- XT11:PLC-XT15 (Chassis XT1501):PLC- XT16 610-305-5602-DL / LMP59-DL PLC-XU41 610-315-5647-DL / LMP79-DL PLC-XU46 610-305-8801-DL / LMP56-DL PLC-XF46:PLC-XF46E:PLV-HD2000 610-327-4928-DL / LMP100-DL ML -5500:PLC-XP57:PLC-XP57L 610-328-7362-DL / LMP101-DL PLC-XE32:PLC-XW50:PLC-XW55:PLC- XW55A:PLC-XW56 610-330-4564-DL / LMP107-DL PLC-XU100:PLC-XU110 610-331-6345-DL / LMP103-DL PLC-XT20:PLC-XT21:PLC-XT25 610-330-7329-DL / LMP105-DL PLC-XE50:PLC-XK450:PLC-XL50:PLC- XL51:PLC-XL51A 610-337-9937-DL / LMP121-DL

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