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Da-Lite Projection Screens

After more than a century, there's one thing we've learned - put the customer first. But what does that really mean in the 21st century? It means putting talented people in positions of responsibility who can help customers with every aspect of a projection screen project or installation. It means having real people answer the phone, not some distant-sounding, pre-recorded message telling you to push more buttons. It means that our customers can get the answers they need on the phone and online from people who are passionate about what they do.

HD Progressive Screen Surfaces:

Da-Lite's chemical formula for the HD Progressive line of projection surfaces is designed to perfectly reflect and preserve the image being projected. This top-of-the-line technology creates the most crisp, clear image in the industry and ensures a future proof install with 16K-ready surfaces. HD Progressive 0.6 - Ideal for high output projectors or applications where projector brightness and screen size require low gain, the gray surface compensates for a brightly lit environment so that image contrast is preserved. In low ambient light, HD Progressive 0.6 provides deep contrast for a rich enhanced image and is typically used with video. HD Progressive 0.9 - Ideal for moderate to high output projectors, the light gray surface achieves a perfect balance between color reproduction and image contrast. HD Progressive 1.1 Contrast - Provides a deeper reproduction of black, which improves contrast, and an increased reflectivity to enhance brightness for moderate ambient light. Ideal for video images. HD Progressive 1.1 - Ideal for applications where projector brightness and screen size require an increase in gain, the white surface offers true color reproduction and fidelity. HD Progressive 1.3 - Ideal for applications where projector brightness and screen size require an increase in gain, the purest white HD Progressive surface offers true color reproduction, and allows for more flexibility with ambient light conditions. It also allows for easy viewing of detail in video as well as charts and graphs.

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