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MOUNTS FOR PROJECTORS 618 Weight: 4.64lbs (2.1kg) Total Weight Capacity: 65lbs (29.5kg) Height/Reach: 4.05" (H) / 16.44" (R) Pitch: +5 / - 15 Roll: +/- 5 Yaw: +/- 20 The FTP Universal Fine-Tune Projector Mount is a universal mount with slide release and precision adjustments to save time during installation and service calls. The FTP's enhanced fine-tune features allow the installer to adjust pitch, roll and yaw independently and without tools. After aligning the projector's image to the final projection settings, the FTP can be locked in position with a single thumbscrew. FTP - Universal Fine-Tune Projector Mount Weight: 4.92lbs (2.2kg) Total Weight Capacity: 75lbs (34.1kg) Height/Reach: 2.8" (H) / 16.43" (R) Pitch: +/- 16.5 Roll: +/- 7.5 Yaw: +/- 42 The PDS-PLUS is a low-profile universal projector mount that can be mounted directly to the ceiling. It features a slotted mounting base with six interchangeable legs (four long and two short) to reach wider mounting points. The PDS-PLUS(-W) mates to standard 1.5" NPT pipe, or directly to structural surfaces. It also includes Lock-It security hardware, and is OSHPD approved and UL listed. PDS-PLUS is available in black, as well as white (Model: PDS-PLUS-W). PDS-PLUS - Low-Profile Universal Projector Mount Weight: 4.06lbs (1.8kg) Total Weight Capacity: 10lbs (4.5kg) Height/Reach: 7.28" (H) / 13.79" (R) Pitch: +/- 6 / Ceiling Pitch + 60 Roll: +/- 6 Yaw: +/- 360 The MAG-PRO universal projector mount fits most projectors that weight up to 10lbs. The integrated coupler attaches to a 1.5" NPT and includes a cable routing port, and MagnaGuide feature reduces installation time by using powerful magnets to easily glide the integrated pipe coupler to the mount. A safety lever locks the two pieces together easily, and Radial Glide allows for up to 6 of smooth tilt adjustment and a simple lockdown screw secures the adjustments. MAG-PRO - Universal Projector Mount with Integrated Coupler Total Weight Capacity: 125lbs (56.8kg) Dimensions: 24.5"x 1.3" x 15.7" (WxHxD) The PP-HDFCP is a ceiling adapter that can be used to mount flat panels or projectors from a drop ceiling. It saves 62.5% in installation time vs. traditional custom cut unistrut and pipe mounting methods, with no need to perform pre-installation site walks. It includes hardware for secure installations using the steel braided cables, and cable grippers for secure and easy installations to ceiling truss or purlins, as well as concrete and wood surfaces. It also includes an escutcheon ring cutter, as well as an escutcheon beauty ring for a more appealing aesthetic. PP-HDFCP - Heavy Duty False Ceiling Plate for Flat Panel Displays and Projectors Weight: 35lbs (16kg) Total Weight Capacity: 50lbs (22.7kg) Dimensions: 23.9" x 23.9" x 5.1" (WxHxD) The plenum rated GB-AVSTOR5 is a secure and discreet storage-and- mounting product for false ceiling installations. It has an Intertek ETL listing, and conforms to UL Standard 2043. Five integrated power receptacles, an external power cut-off switch, a removable equipment- mounting tray, and an adjustable mounting platform with lateral shift make the GB-AVSTOR5 a unique A/V installation accessory. GB-AVSTOR5 - Plenum Rated False Ceiling Equipment Storage GearBox w/ Pipe Coupler avy Duty ate for Flat and Projectors Weight: 8.44lbs (3.8kg) Total Weight Capacity: 25lbs (11.4kg) Depth: 5" - 28" Mounting Reach: 13.79" (350mm) Pitch & Roll: +/- 6 Yaw: +/- 360 The EST100 single stud short-throw projector wall mount features cable routing to discreetly manage signal and power cables through the arm. Radial Glide allows up to six degrees of smooth adjustment of the projector in any direction and for the projector to be positioned anywhere along the mount arm. EST100 - Single Stud Short-Throw Projector Wall Mount Wall Mount

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