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COMMERCIAL DISPLAYS AND TELEVISIONS 62 Why Planar... Display Integrity - Planar offers the industry's best standard warranty. Our Customer First warranty and first rate customer support have earned us a stellar reputation. Three-year, two-day advance replacement on touchscreen displays and desktop monitors. We pay shipping both ways for the whole three years! Who We Are In a world filled with high-tech gizmos and a never-ending array of visual imagery, display performance is a requirement. While we do love to dazzle your eyes, we never forget that our primary mission is to give you the ability to see: the data, the advertising, the movie, the presentation, the gauge, the game, your bank balance. We know it's not about the technology. It's about what you need to do with it. Displays Specifically For Your Application At Planar, we focus on how people use our displays. What features really matter to you. The environments you use them in. We listen. We see. We learn. We find ways to help you solve problems you might not even know you have with our pioneering efforts in a variety of industries. Experience and Expertise Second to None With three decades of experience in flat panel display technology, projection, and processing, we bring deep technology expertise to big display challenges. We help you understand the technology options available to you and bring the latest and best offerings to bear. We Save You From the Bleeding Edge At Planar, it's our job to keep on top of the newest technologies, but we only bring them out when they're proven and ready. You can depend on us to help you benefit from the cutting edge when the technologies are truly viable and worthy of your trust. Worldwide. Everywhere. Planar displays are found from the Sahara to Siberia to Shanghai to St. Louis, you'll find Planar on desktops, in airports, in planes, trucks, hospitals, ATM machines, retail stores, gas pumps and in homes all over the world. With strong global operations that include North America, Europe and manufacturing partners in Asia, our supply chain is designed to provide display products to any customer, anywhere, at any time. Corporate Profile Planar Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: PLNR) is a global leader in digital display technology providing premier solutions ranging from desktop monitors to video walls to interactive visual experiences. Whether displaying information or inspiration, industry leaders rely on Planar's differentiated digital display technology for a range of applications. Retailers, educational institutions, government agencies, businesses, utilities and energy firms, and home theater enthusiasts all depend on Planar to provide superior performance when image experience is of the highest importance. Founded in 1983, Planar is headquartered in Oregon, USA, with offices, manufacturing partners, and customers worldwide. The Company's Strategy For over a quarter century, Planar has been designing and bringing to market innovative display solutions. The company focuses on specialty displays and customized products and systems, generally in niche display markets where requirements are more stringent, innovation is valued, and the customer is not served or is underserved by the mass-market, commodity display providers. The company is adding resources to further target the growing market for digital signage displays, where a variety of its customers use the company's video wall and custom products for digital signage applications in retail, airport, sports arena and stadium, hospitality, quick serve restaurant, corporate and higher-education venues. The Company's Products Digital Signage Touchscreen Monitors Desktop Monitors Custom Commercial and Industrial High-End Home (Runco Brand) Planar Announce Planar TouchMark Planar is pleased to announce the release of Planar TouchMark, the industry's premier collaboration solution for annotation and white-boarding. This easy-to-use software provides the essential toolset for collaborating on- screen in meeting rooms and classrooms. Planar TouchMark pairs nicely with any of Planar's touch-enabled displays, many of which support multi-user drawing and interaction. Optimized for resolution up to Ultra HD. The World's Premier Display Provider

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