Big Book OF AV Page 624 Collaboration, Meeting and Huddle Room Products

COLLABORATION, MEETING AND HUDDLE ROOM PRODUCTS 624 Working as a team has never been easier In fast-paced business and academic environments Christie Brio offers presentation and collaboration solutions that remove technical barriers to help business professionals, teachers and students easily share, discuss and contribute ideas. Bring group members together, with up to five computers, smart phones, or tablets, by wirelessly streaming content onto displays and channeling audio through a meeting room or classroom's sound system. Groups can share content, edit in real time, save their work and capture action items for quicker follow-up - avoiding the challenges of traditional collaboration sessions. With Christie Brio solutions, teammates make decisions quickly and focus on what matters most. Participants are freed from the constraints of meeting rooms, traditional classrooms and cumbersome equipment, while having the option to collaborate virtually across locations. Christie Brio Share More Boardrooms Classrooms Conference Rooms Research Labs Study Groups Training Rooms

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