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COLLABORATION, MEETING AND HUDDLE ROOM PRODUCTS 627 VIDEO COLLABORATION ClearOne's video collaboration solutions represent a new breed of on-premise and cloud-based video products and services, combining rich functionality with affordability and flexible deployment options. This complete portfolio extends from the mobile device or desktop to the conference room, allowing the solutions to be hosted with ClearOne on-premise infrastructure or to be fully functional without infrastructure, utilizing the ClearOne Spontania cloud. SPONTANIA Cloud-based solutions portfolio, providing a full suite of integrated video, web conferencing, and UC applications. These applications can be utilized from our cloud or implemented in your own server or virtualized environment. Spontania Standard + Personal virtual meeting rooms. + Up to 25 participants per room. + Hosted in our ClearOne cloud. Spontania Pro + Shared virtual meeting rooms. + 25 participants per room. + Up to 1000 users with IM and presence. + Hosted in our ClearOne cloud. Spontania Classroom + A virtual learning environment. + Up to 100 participants per classroom. + Participants view up to four video streams. + Hosted in our ClearOne cloud. Spontania Enterprise + On-premises software. + Up to 2,500 users with IM and presence. + Meeting room size is configurable. COLLABORATE Industry's first and only versatile solution that consolidates conferencing, collaboration and communication to meet today's diverse demands. + Any application - video conferencing, audio conferencing, presentation, white boarding, one-to-many communication, etc. + Any environment - huddle room to medium and large-size rooms, classrooms and training centers, etc. + Any device - smartphone, tablet, PC, room endpoints. Key Highlights: + Traditional SIP/H.323 video conferencing. + Cloud video and Web conferencing with up to 25 participants joining from anywhere, using any device. + In-room wireless presentation and collaboration with up to 6 users sharing simultaneously. + One-to-many communication on-demand or live by capturing, recording, and streaming presentations, events, lectures, conferences etc. + Two-year warranty with support and maintenance for free.

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