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COLLABORATION, MEETING AND HUDDLE ROOM PRODUCTS 672 How Does it Work? By consolidating all information on a large- format touchscreen, ThinkHub transforms traditional meetings into more proactive, effective sessions that drive conversations, positively impact performance levels, and that physically alter the workspace. You and your team can share content to ThinkHub via USB drive or by sharing your device screen. So instead of hovering around an individual screen or switching the view of a shared screen, ThinkHub allows you to see everything, all at once. Weve streamlined the brainstorming process, so you can focus on the big picture: fostering innovation for your people. How Many Devices can I Connect to ThinkHub? Unlimited. There is no cap on the number of devices you and your team can share to the ThinkHub Canvas. What is the ThinkHubm Canvas? We refer to the ThinkHub touch interface as the Canvas. More than your average smartboard, the Canvas expands to up to 20 times the surface area of the physical touchscreen - allowing you to get more out of your space, while consolidating all of the moving pieces of a brainstorming session into a single point of reference. You can write directly on the Canvas to make quick notes. Pinch and zoom to visualize the entire brainstorming session, or to focus in on just a piece of it. Once you are done with a session, you can save or email your Canvas. No need to worry about losing your thoughts or ideas your session will be there for you whenever youre ready to get back to work. NEC COLLABORATION POWERED BY THINKHUB

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